Position switches

Position switches check the position of, for example, valves or valves or confirm the presence of an object. The position switches can also be used in extreme conditions. Think of ATEX environments, food industry or marine and offshore. The extreme switches have a special housing, IP69K seal or are ATEX certified.

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Wireless position switches


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An emergency-off function guarantees a safe stop of an installation or machine. An emergency-off button is always accessible, but the wiring to the button can be complicated. By using a wireless emergency-off button, the cabling problem is solved.

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Safety foot switches

Foot switches are used to switch production processes on and off. The environmental conditions play an important role in selecting the right foot switch. Wireless foot switches offer the great advantage that no wiring is required, which offers extra working comfort. Wireless foot pedals are available up to safety category PLd.

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Wireless safety foot switches by steute


Wireless foot pedals up to safety category PLd.


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Wireless receivers by steute


A wireless receiver shows the status of a wireless switch. These receivers come in different variants: 2- or 4-way contacts, USB receiver. The receivers are available for various communication protocols such as RS232 and Ethernet.



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Buttons and control switches

Switching with pushbuttons and switches is a simple way of operating. The user can switch a certain function on or off with one hand control. The function of the push button or switch is indicated in many cases by color or inscription.

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Hand remote controls

A hand remote control with cable limits the operator in its range. With a wireless hand control it is possible to move and switch freely. An operator can switch with a wireless hand control that he carries.

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Pull wire switches

Wireless pull wire switches operate on kinetic energy and do not require power, wiring or cables. The pull wire switches are very compact in terms of their shape. Easy to integrate.

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Wireless pull wire switches by steute
Custom made foot switches by steute

Foot switches

Foot switches are used in industry and machine construction to switch parts on or off. Wireless foot switches provide more flexibility and room for maneuver.

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The wireless multifunction handles are suitable for unlocking safety locks on laterally movable, rotatable and detachable safety devices which must be closed to ensure the required safety and especially suitable for hard to reach areas in a machine or installation.

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Inductive sensors

Wireless inductive sensors are ideal for detecting ferrous metals at a short detection distance. Wireless inductive sensors react to metal objects using magnetic fields.

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Magnetic sensors

Wireless magnetic sensors are used where other mechanical sensors do not function due to unfavorable conditions. For example, at high switching frequencies, low or high approach speeds and chemical environments, magnetic sensors offer a good connection, thanks to the encapsulated contacts.

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Wireles magnetic sensors by steute