Wireless for industry

Why Wireless?

Wireless offers a number of great benefits. The biggest advantage is often called the saving of cables. That is true, but this is not the only benefit. Especially in components that move a lot, a wireless system has a strong advantage over wired products. Cables that move a lot, wear out and need to be replaced sooner. The costs of the cable are perhaps too big, but the problems that an application that does not work with are often much larger.


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steute wireless

large distance

Another advantage of wireless switching are the large distances that can be covered. The central receiver has the same function as an I/O box. It distributes the signals from different switches to a central point. It is then possible to read out the circuits using software and place them in a database.

There are modules that only transmit wireless signals to each other. It is also possible that device A switches without external power supply. This works with the help of solar energy or a battery. With one circuit per minute, a battery can last for six years.

Wireless by steute

The network of the future

A wireless signal transmission offers many advantages. steute has been developing products for years with this technology and can in the meantime to provide both explosiebeveiliging- and control technology solutions that switches can be used wirelessly.

wireless switchting in the industry

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