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What is needed to make a plant safe to operate according to current standards? Which combination of products ensures the most optimal production process? Fortop supports and advises about the following subjects:

machine safety
Muting light curtain Safegate ReeR

Muting light curtain simple to configure

The ReeR Safegate guarantees the perfect integration of all muting sensors or muting arms (L or T setup) by connecting them directly to the light curtain. The connectors are located at the bottom of the light curtain, which makes them better mechanically protected.

ReeR's safety muting light curtains are completely modular. SM/SMO are configurable for outgoing or in and outgoing pallets with muting arms or separate sensors. SMPO is configurable with software for ingoing and outgoing pallets with muting arms or separate sensors. Muting a part of the detection area is also possible. Read more about muting light curtains...


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Modular signal tower

The ECOmodul series combines modern LED technology with an excellent price. A simple connection system (spring force or push-in technology), together with a wide range of mounting possibilities that this "ECO modules" are interesting, economically attractive product. Read more about modular signal towers...


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