Energy management in three steps

Energy management in three steps

The right energy management starts with good measure. The choice of the right instrument, transformers and measurement is the base for this. Fortop helps and advices you with the selection of the right components. Our service engineers support you in commissioning of measuring instruments.


EMU kwh meter

EMU kWh meters, one meter for every application

The EMU program includes a wide range kWh meters, loggers and software solutions. The energy meters can be distinguished in a professional line and a rounder line. EMU Allrounder is a versatile energy meter, equipped with a pulse output with optional M-Bus. EMU Professional is next to a current meter a multimeter and can optionally be fitted with an M-Bus, KNX, LON, Modbus RS485 or TCP / IP output.

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The smallest current transformer ever: Eleq RM27

Measuring energy in small spaces is difficult. That's why fortop created the new RM27 in collaboration with Eleq . This is a breakthrough in measuring energy in small groups up to 63A.

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eleq rm 27

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