Wireless transmission between pneumatic safety switch strip and control pad

Pneumatic safety switch strips with wireless transmission

Wireless transmission - Airmission system - BBC Bircher Smart AccessBy using safety edges, your sliding, sectional or up-and-over doors can now be operated electrically or pneumatically. The BBC Bircher Smart Access AirMission system ensures a wireless transmission between the pneumatic safety switch strips and control pad. Are you using electrical safety switch trips? Then the RF-Gate is a good solution. Read more about switching methods for your doors.

Airmission system

The AirMission system transmits a wireless signal from the closing edges of the door to the control pad. The information about the status of the pressure-sensitive pneumatic safety switch strip is transmitted wirelessly, and therefore wear-free. The AirMission system is suitable for applications with Performance Level PLc, cat. 2 according to EN ISO 13849-1.

Connect, assemble, activate, done!
An air pressure switch and an extra detector with integrated wicket door switch can be monitored and analysed, depending on the applications and user's desire. Per channel, a maximum of seven channels can be installed.

Protection category IP54

No objects can be placed on the casing, due to the curved shape. This prevents tools from falling and other potentially dangerous situations.


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