Prewired signal lights Auer Signal P-seriesPrewired signal lights P-series - Auer Signal

The P-series beacons are mid-sized pre-configured/pre-wired 75 mm diameter beacons - Optionally in high or low lens design.

 The power of Auer Signal is a wide range of products with modern LED technology lighting The range is complemented by the familiar Xenon lamps.

Model High lens Low lens
LED continuous / flashing PCH PCL
LED multi-strobe PFH PFL
Xenon strobe PXH PXL

 With the multicolour LED continuous light signal PMH (red-yellow-green) is scheduled as the second product in the series.

High protection degree

P-series beacons feature an IP66/67 protection rating and are supplied prewired with 1 m cable/open ends as standard. To gain this high protection rating (and preventing eg condensation problems), orders the lens and the base glued together and the cable outlet is completely closed. The base has two integrated stainless steel fixing screws for a standard horizontal mounting. Accessory can be selected for a plastic container for wall mounting and a tube mounting option with 100 mm to 250 mm aluminium tubes.

In addition to the standard LED configurations: a steady light / flashing, are within this range also LED multi strobe models. These are equiped with 2 LED strobe patterns (six times quick flashes and irregular multiple flashes), which are controlled remotely. For both high and low lens Xenon models we offer in addition to standard 110/120 and 230/240 V AC models also versions with wide voltage range: 10-100 V DC / 20-70 V AC. All plastic parts are made of high quality polycarbonate plastics (IK 08). On a project basis may be applied to the length, type of cable, connectors, etc. as desired. Read more about signal lights.


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