Coded magnetic switch Mechan HE-serie

Coded magnetic switch Mechan HE-serie

The Mechan Controls HE-Series is an encoded magnetic safety system. The safety system from a slimline safety monitoring device and fully encapsulated solid-state safety switches. The HE-Series is designed to combine the ease of use and maintenance of a simple magnetic safety switch with the improved safety, performance levels and indication of Mechanics electronic circuitry.

Resistant to vibration, rinsing and the most aggressive environments

The fully encapsulated HE-Series switches are resistant to vibration, rinsing and the most aggressive environments, making them ideal for use in the food processing, filling and packaging industries and many other non-locking machine protection applications. The HE-Series from Mechan Controls is a encoded magnetic safety switch and is fully encapsulated with resin, which makes the switch extra strong.

Harsh environments -30°C

Designed to combine the benefits of magnetic safety switches with improved performance, safety and operation of Mechanical electronic safety switches, the HE-Series safety switches can withstand harsh environments (tested to -30°C and used in the Arctic Circle). They can also be supplied in stainless steel, suitable for rinsing areas in the food processing and packaging industry. Read more about magnetic switches.


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Features HE-Series safety system:

  • CAT 4 SIL 3 PL-E safety system

  • Solid state coded magnetic switches

  • Dual colour indication on the switch 

  • Unique double door safety switches

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