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The new generation of tilt switches from DIS Sensors are based on MEMS technology and intelligent microcontroller algorithms. As a result, single or twin axis switches can be implemented with any desired switching angle. The output can be NPN or PNP. An internal buzzer is available as an option. All in a QG40 housing. Even more accurate tilt switches with higher thermal stability can be executed using the QG65 housing. Read more about tilt switches by DIS Sensors.

A tilt switch is a type of switch that switches at a certain angle as compared to the horizon (similar to the old mercury switch). It is in fact an inclinometer with a switching output. Since gravity serves as a reference (same as for inclinometers) and because of the posibility to mount the sensor anywhere, maximum mounting freedom is achieved.

Tilt switches are used for various applications, such as: signaling valve positions and maximum tilt security.

The tilt switch housing
Many of the DIS sensors in the QG range use a unique universal plastic housing concept, known as QUADRO®. The advantage is the very compact size, simple installation and the fact that the electronics are fully sealed which provides a high degree of ingress protection (IP67). The housing is also available in metal (aluminum and stainless steel).


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Types of tilt switches

dis QG-series inclination sensors

QG-series inclination sensors

  • Measures angles in 1 or 2
  • Stainless steel or reinforced
    Plastic housing
  • Analogue or CANopen output
  • For SIL2/PLd applications

Dis QG-series acceleration sensors

QG-series acceleration sensors

  • Measures acceleration in 1, 2 or
    3 axes
  • Several measuring ranges possible
  • Metal or plastic housing
  • Up to 0.003 g accurate

Dis QG-series tilt switches

QG-series tilt switches

  • Inclinometer with two switching outputs (NPN/PNP)
  • Gravity serves as a reference
  • Programmable switching angle and delays

Dis QR-series rotary encoder

QR-series rotary encoder
(ext. magnet)

  • magnet mounted separately
  • max. distance magnet up
    to 5 mm
  • analogue & incremental output
  • full redundant (optional)

Dis QR-series rotary encoder (shaft)

QR-series rotary encoder (shaft)

  • magnet is built into sensor
  • zero function (ensuring a
  • mounting procedure)
  • various outputs available

Dis QX-series inductive proximity

QX-series inductive proximity

  • electronics are fully potted
  • perfect for use in limited spaces or under
  • harsh conditions detecting distances
    2 mm - 18 mm

Dis Wind turbines

Wind turbines

DIS sensors are perfect to measure
and to monitor maximum vibrations
of wind turbines to prevent damage.

Dis Material handling

Material handling

The inclinometers of DIS Sensors
are an excellent choice for tilt monitoring
of, for example, fork/
Scissor lifts and aerial work platforms.

Dis Mobile machines

Mobile machines

Working safely is of top priority
When using cranes and tilt
Monitoring is essential to assure