Connection solution for the food industry

Connection solution for the food industry | ESCHA

High protection

In the food industry, the specific requirements of the machines and installations are much higher than those of classical mechanics. ESCHA connectors with Hygienic Design make it possible to use components in applications where they make contact with food. Contact between materials and the food to be processed is prevented and high protection against cleaning agents is ensured.

According to the standard

In the food industry, high demands are placed on the automation components required in the food and beverage industry. ESCHA has more than ten years of experience in this market. ESCHA's connectors consist of special plastics and are also manufactured according to EHEDG (European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group) standards: 'Hygienic Design'.

Robust and resistant to aggressive substances

The special structure of the surface of the connectors prevents the remaining of residues and staining. The TPE-based overmold and cables are resistant to ECOLAB-certified cleaning agents. This ensures that the sealing and the optical properties remain intact in the long term with regular use of aggressive substances, even at temperatures from -40 °C to + 105 °C. TPE is an extremely resistant material that is very suitable for applications in milk processing. For applications with fewer requirements than milk processing, the PVC cables P00 and P01 (both UL approved) are excellent alternatives. Read more about sensor and actuator cables.


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