Wireless signal transmission system for applications with high demands

ExpertSystem XRF – BBC Bircher smart access

Gates are getting faster continuously and security requirements are getting stricter. The demands for the security of entrance doors and gates continue to increase and therefore also the demands for the signal transmission through tactile sensor technology. BBC Bircher Smart Access developed a safety system that combines two safety categories in one device. With the ExpertSystem XRF you always and automatically achieve the highest possible safety level (category 2 with test signal by the controller and category 3 without test signal).

Does the control system have an integrated test system? Then ExpertSystem takes over the test signal and the system is monitored according to safety category 2, PLc. In control systems without a test signal or if the test input is not connected, XRF monitors the safety system independently according to safety category 3, PLd. The system thus offers the highest possible safety in every situation. Read more about safety edges and safety strips.


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Set up in seconds

Setting up the wireless signal transmission system is done in seconds: you only have to perform two actions on the safety edge. Besides the smooth set-up time the signal transmission between transmitter and receiver is also fast.

The battery lasts seven years

Because the components are mounted in the safety edge or switch cabinet, they are protected against the effects of the weather. The systems comply with protection class IP65. The battery lasts for at least seven years and thanks to the high interference immunity (EMC), the wireless signal transmission always works reliably.

Safety level Cat. 2 or Cat. 3

ExpertSystem XRF offers the possibility to choose between safety level Cat. 2, PLc and Cat. 3, PLd. The systems are compatible with existing operating systems on the market and integration with ExpertSystem XL is guaranteed to be seamless.


  • Safe signal transmission with PLd, Cat. 3, and PLc, Cat. 2
  • Radio components can be integrated into the application
  • Compatible with all standard controllers
  • Simple commissioning as there is no connection to the test output
  • Slim and elegant housing with protection class IP65 and integrated cable strain relief
  • Flexible and concealed cable exit in four directions
  • Low power consumption, so long battery life and less maintenance
  • Maximum reliability thanks to high interference immunity
  • Visual feedback when pressure-sensitive edges are activated