SCH86EX optical incremental encoders for oil and gas applications

SCH86EX optical incremental encoders | Scancon

SCH86EX optical incremental encoders from Scancon are designed to provide customers with high-quality performance combined with reduced cost for their hazardous environment applications.

These rugged, compact encoders are ATEX, IECEx, Class I Div.2, AEx and EAC Ex certified and ready for use in Zone 1 hazardous areas. Mount them directly into your Top Drive or Draw Works application without the need (or additional cost) of any barrier, isolator or special cable. Why pay more for a bulky, less accurate magnetic encoder? Scancon's rugged SCH86EX models feature an optical system that utilizes a shatterproof polycarbonate disk to provide reliable, accurate resolution. Read more about incremental and absolute encoders.

Size matters
Scancon's compact design enables customers to utilize an Ex-°©? proof encoder in applications where space restrictions are critical and overall size matters. Available with either a blind hollow shaft (SCH86FEX) or through hollow shaft (SCH86BEX), these encoders provide flexible mounting options and can be mounted directly on shafts up to ø1".

No more misalignment
Worried about misalignment of encoders with no ball bearings? SCH86EX encoders have integrated industrial strength ball bearings that eliminate misalignment issues. All that's needed is to mount the SCH86EX on the shaft and secure the anti-°©rotation tether arm.

Replace that big, bulky encoder with a compact, rugged and reliable Ex-°© proof SCH86EX.


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Advantages SCH86EX Encoders:

  • Compact size Ø 86 mm (Ø  3.39 inch)
  • Worldwide Ex d certifications
    •    ATEX Zone 1
    •    IECEx Zone 1
    •    EAC Ex Zone 1 (Russia)
    •    Class,I Div. 2 (ISA/ANSI & CSA standards)
    •    Class I Zone 1 AEx (ISA/ANSI & CSA standards)
  • Up to 10,000 ppr. resolution
  • Multiple connection options
  • Protected against wiring errors
  • Not affected by magnetic fields
  • No potential misalignment issues

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