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The detection of the presence of plastic bottles in a packaging line (with the diffuse reflection sensors) may be a difficult job. As a result of tight installation space, very small sensors, which must enable reliable and reproducible at various angles of the grab, is required. A subminiature sensor from SensoPart with blue light from the F 10-series is apparent then by far the best solution. Measuring only 21 x 14 x 8 mm, the F 10 fine applicable in the often space limited. Read more about blue light sensor.

Wrong detection

The most reliable sensor for sensing position is in the head of the grab, so that the photocell can detect right at the bottle. Mechanically this is often difficult, so that a solution is to be chosen in which the sensor is looking at an angle on the bottle. In a stationary environment is such a problem to solve fine with a red light sensor. Vibrations of the head of the robot ensure however that red light is bounced off as quickly, resulting in erroneous detection.

The F 10 sensors with blue light are often used in the solar industry, because they are very dark solar cells that can detect hardly reflect light. This feature makes the blue light sensor is especially suitable for the detection of the transparent bottles irrespective of reflection and vibration.


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Features F 10 series sensors with blue light

  • Sub-miniature sensor
  • Blue LED and very precise background suppression
  • Stable switching without reflector, even on critical surfaces
  • Modify settings to block
  • Easy assembly with gooseneck attachment