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F 25 sensor | SensoPart

SensoPart has added a new sensor family to its product portfolio, the new F 25-series with a wealth of different product variations unique on the market. All F 25 sensors are available both in laser and LED version. There are both adjustable and tamper-proof fixed-focus versions and the different possible connection types and switching versions, I/O link and special auto-detect versions extend the range to around 100 different sensors. Read more about F 25-series sensors.

The most important features of the F 25 series:

  • Easy operation (teach-in or fixed switching distance)
  • Bright spotlight that is also visible in daylight
  • Reliable by reliably suppressing ambient light
  • Innovative fastening system thanks to stable gooseneck
  • Very good detection properties
  • Clear LED indication (visible from each side)
  • Multiple connection possibilities (M8, Pigtail with M12, cable)


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Why F 25-series sensors?

All the sensors offer a standardised, compact and very robust design, with excellent optical performance data and guarantee reliable results. User-friendly details such as easy use and the innovative fixation system which facilitates mounting and fine adjustment are standard parts of all F25 sensors.  

Bright light spot
Sensors in the F 25 series are equipped either with red light LED or red light laser diodes. Both light sources generate a bright light spot which is clearly visible even in daylight.

High performance and operational safety
Thanks to SensoPart ASIC technology, proximity switches now offer exceptionally reliable background suppression. Even shiny objects and background reflections are reliably suppressed. Photoelectric proximity switches and through-beam or retro-reflective light barriers also have very good optical performance data and are not at all influenced by extraneous light, such as sun light and halogen lamps.

Robust housing
Reliability and robustness were top priorities during the development of this new series. Consistent attention was given to high mechanical resilience and a long life-cycle with all components, from the fibre-glass reinforced plastic housing to the plug and cable connections as well as mounting accessories. All F 25 sensors are IP 67 and IP 69K protected and ECOLAB certified.

Auto-Detect – exclusively from SensoPart
The auto-detect versions are a distinctive feature of the F 25 series. They combine a real N.O and N.C. switching function in one device, and not a push-pull output.  The sensor recognises from the load whether switching is required as a N.O. or N.C output. Adjustment of the switching function and switching status display is therefore automatic. This function reduces storage costs as it is no longer necessary to stock several N.O or N.C sensors.

Broad spectrum of use
Presence detection of practically all object sizes, meticulous small part detection, precise leading edge detection and position check are typical applications for the F 25. The sensors are ideally suited for use in machine construction and electronics as well as in the automotive, packaging, printing, paper and solar sectors of industry.

Blue light sensors
Detection of transparent and dark objects can be a difficult challenge. Because of reflection, dark and transparent objects are hard to detect. In practice a sensor recognise two objects instead of one. This is because of the reflection of an object. Black objects absorb almost all the light. This makes it difficult for the sensor to recognise an object. SensoPart blue light offers the solution! Read more about Blue Light sensors.