Sensor with analog and switch output for measurement and detection

Analogue distance sensor FT 25-RA | SensoPart

SensoPart presents the FT 25 RA, the first generation of analogue dis-tance sensors in compact, easy-to-install, miniature housing with IP69k protection. The sensors offer excellent repeatability due to their precise, adjustable analogue characteristic curve and are, therefore, ideal for control tasks, e.g. dancer control in automatic winding machines. Read more about F 25-series sensors.

The distance sensor equipped with a red light LED is optionally available with one or two measuring ranges (20 to 80 mm, 30 to 200 mm). The distance value measured is emitted in the form of a linear voltage value (1 to 10 V) via the integrated analogue output. The FT 25 RA also has a digital signal output, and the measuring ranges for both outputs can be set independently of each other. An inversion of the analogue characteristic curve is also possible. The precise control of the FT 25-RA ensures a constant tension of the paper roll during unwinding. Read more about colour sensors.


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Surface independant detection

Photocell FT 25-RA | SensoPart

The FT 25 RA reliably and accurately measures the distance to target objects of any colour and surface finish. Even highly-reflective surfaces have practically no impact on the sensor's excellent repeatability, which is ± 0.4 mm at a distance of 80 mm from the target object. Sensors can be easily replaced with virtually no need for calibration due to their high linearity.


Thanks to its high measuring accuracy with a huge variety of objects, the FT 25 RA is ideal for a wide range of industrial applications for example

  • for tension and dancer control in automatic winding machines in the printing and packing industry
  • for distance measurement on robotic gripper arms and determining the position of parts
  • for stack height control and double layer detection in the paper and wood industry as well as for
  • level measurement of opaque liquids

The UL certified FT 25 RA is particularly suited to use in confined locations thanks to its compact dimensions, and can be easily and flexibly installed with the aid of a dovetail mount. Read more about products by SensoPart.


In a miniature housing
The FT 25 RLA is suitable for installation in small spaces thanks to the compact dimensions of 32 x 12 x 20 mm.

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20Ö100 mm  Laser, small housing View FT 25 RLA

FT 25-RA

20Ö80 mm/ 30Ö200 mm   Small housing, wide range View FT 25 RA

FT 20-RA

20Ö80 mm Small housing View FT 20 RA