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Caliper function Visor SensoPart

Sensor manufacturer SensoPart Industriesensorik has extended its existing range of VISOR® vision sensors with the addition of a new caliper function. The latest algorithms enable the detection of distances, widths and lengths as well as outer and inner diameters with subpixel accuracy. The caliper function is available in both the monochrome and colour versions of VISOR® V20 with a 1.3 megapixel resolution.

When standard detection sensors are not accessible

Typical applications for the caliper function are inspection tasks for which standard object detection methods prove insufficient, and where reliable object analysis can only be achieved by distance measurement. This can be the case, for example, in the packaging industry, in mechanical engineering or in the automative industry and its suppliers, where a dimensional check is an additional means of checking parts for completeness and correctness. In plastics processing, measurement of the outer contours of a plastic injection-moulded part ensures reliable detection of flash and short shot.

Accurate analysis of image details and analysis of larger image areas is also possible thanks to the 1.3 megapixel resolution. Appropriate lens versions (integrated or C/CS mount) ensure that the sensor is best adapted to the size of the part – from small parts in the millimetre range to metre long parts.

Dialogue box

The detected edges and measuring results from the new caliper function are graphically displayed in a dialogue box. This helps to improve parameter settings and prevent error measurements due to image distortion. For parts with sloping edges, indentations or overlaps, it is possible to select minimum or maximum distance detection in order to search specifically for these measurements.  Detection accuracy can be increased or execution time improved by varying the number of search strips.

A digital good-bad result can be generated from the measuring result based on appropriate tolerances and supplied to a simple digital output. Should this not be sufficient, the exact measuring results can be emitted via the recently introduced PROFINET interface or one of the other interfaces (Ethernet, RS422, RS232) for further processing or archiving.

The VISOR® V20 version combines a 1.3 megapixel resolution (monochrome or colour) with a calliper function and PROFINET interface in a user-friendly vision sensor and is unique on the market. Read more about vision cameras.


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