Analog position switch with salt-proof metal housing for Ex zone 1 and 21

Analog position switch with salt-proof metal housing for Ex zone 1 and 21 - steute

Extreme conditions

Position switches check the position of valves and confirm the presence of tools or workpieces. These universal switches can also be used in extreme conditions. Steute has developed a new position switch for extreme applications. It does not work with the conventional "on/off" technology, but generates an analog signal corresponding to the exact position of the actuator or plunger. The position is determined by an integrated Hall sensor which, depending on the variant, produces an output signal of 0 ... 20 mA, 4 ... 20 mA or 0 ... 10 V.

Versatile integration

The new HS 98 belongs to the proven and tested extreme 98-series position switches due to its robust and salt-water resistant metal housing, high protection class and standard dimensions according to DIN EN 50041. The various actuators can be rotated by 4 x 90°, which means versatile integration of the analog position switch in the structure.

More than just monitoring open or closed positions

One of the first applications of the HS 98 was position determination of valves in cargo and cruise ships. A ship supplier was looking for a versatile switch that would not only monitor the open or closed position of the valves and ventilation flaps in extreme environments, but could also state the exact position of these valves. The new analog position switch from steute proved to be an excellent solution. Read more about position switches, pull-cord switches and safety switches.


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