Wireless switches - steute RF BF 74

Switching with pushbuttons and switches is a simple way of operating. The user can switch a certain function on or off with one hand. The operation of a push button or switch is mostly indicated by color, inscription and / or a function-describing text. The RF BF 74-series of steute consists of the following pushbuttons and switches that you can put together according to your own wishes:

  Pushbuttons Switches Housing
  Pushbutton RT Selector switch RWA for 1 actuator
  Pushbutton with membrane RTM Rotary knob RSTA for 2 actuators
  Knob RS SW Key switch for 3 actuators
  Knob RS GE Toggle switch > 3 on request

  1. Determine what you want to switch 
  2. Select the pushbuttons and switches that match your functions 
  3. Select the housing according to the number of selected switches and pushbuttons

Wireless switches RF BF 74 - steute

Different housings

The housing for the wireless pushbuttons and switches is available with space for one, two or three switches and / or pushbuttons. Looking for housing for four or more push buttons? Those are available on request. The large number of assembly options within the steute RF BF 74 series provides a solution that is tailored to your application, machine and / or company. And all without cables, signal lines or batteries. Read more about (wireless) push buttons and control switches.

Signal transmission without cables or batteries

Signals from the switches and pushbuttons are transmitted via steute sWave technology. The technology has a high reliability and has a range of up to 60 meters indoors and 700 meters outdoors. When operating a push button or switch, a kinetic energy is released that is converted into electrical energy. It is not necessary to install cables and measure the battery level and is one of the advantages of the wireless protocol.


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