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Wireless switching - steute

Whether it comes to evaluating whether the live control of production processes. Up-to-date information and is becoming increasingly important. is (on distance) possible with up-to-date information to view information and where necessary to control the process. With steute wireless network equipment to communicate how much they produce, what is their status and what parts of the machine there wear. The products also communicate with the network: via sensors they give their location by and whether they are in good condition.

Transmitter, receiver, database

Just like a router receives a central access point signals from wireless switches. The router bundles the data and sends them via Ethernet or Wi-Fi to one or more application servers. The corresponding application server contains a database that collects all the information at the operational level it is sent (either directly or through middleware) to the IT platform of the user (eg, ERP, PDA, CMS or IMS). Optionally, the collected information is also transmitted via Web services to multiple private IT systems. This ensures continuous communication of each switch to the top of the corporate IT hierarchy.

No circuit unnoticed!

If a switch sends out a signal, it is established the order of the range of the access points. If transmission fails at the first access point to the second access point is addressed. The outer range of the wireless switch / sensor system is up to 700 meters. In mobile machinery the maximum range of the network about 50 meters, taking into account possible reflections from metallic components and interference from other systems. Read more about steute wireless. 


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