EnOcean® wireless technology

EnOcean® draadloze technologie

The EnOcean wireless technology has already been established as a technology for green, intelligent buildings and applications. Wherever an interoperability with the EnOcean standard ISO/IEC 14543-3-10 is required for industrial applications, this standard is integrated in our wireless switchgear and sensors. It has been optimised for uni-directional wireless systems, based on an energy harvesting system.

EnOcean® - application demands

Industrial sensors, for example wireless inductive sensors, GMR sensors or optical wireless sensors, require additional energy for operation. These sensors draw their energy from a powerful longlife battery integrated in the sensor (e.g. position switches, operating devices, non-contact wireless sensors from steute).


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Special features

  • Self-sufficient wireless path
  • High sensing range: up to 30 m inside buildings and 300 m in the free field
  • Fail-safe wireless transmission in 868 MHz frequency range
  • No interference with DECT, WLAN etc.
  • Easy system extension to include products from other manufacturers
  • Good integration in automation systems
  • Short telegrams (small duty cycle) lead to low collision probability
  • Also possible with battery operation
  • Non-contact wireless sensors possible

Available as Ex version for zone 1 and 21.