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Wireless technology sWave® 868 / 915 | steute

Wireless technology sWave 868 / 915 | steuteWherever movable parts of machines and plants need to be positioned, controlled and monitored, cables are undesirable or a hindrance, reducing the viability of the plants. Steute offers a self-sufficient and a battery-operated solution.

sWave® 868 / 915-b MHz battery-operated, bi-directional

Industrial sensors, for example, wireless inductive sensors, GMR sensors or optical wireless sensors, require additional energy for operation. These sensors dra their energy from a powerful long life battery integrated into the sensors (e.g. position switches, operating devices, non-contact wireless sensors).


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Special features

  • Bi-directional self-sufficient wireless path
  • High sensing range: up to 60 m inside buildings and 700m in free field
  • No interference with DECT, WLAN, PMR systems, etc.
  • Good integration in automation systems
  • Short telegrams (small duty cycle) lead to low collision probability
  • Also possible with battery operation
  • Non-contact wireless sensors possible