Janitza PRO series with a fortop touch

PRO-serie energiemeters | Janitza

Janitza energy measurement devices measure a lot, a lot. So many measurement data (parameters) are stored where valuable information can be extracted, that it is almost impossible to display all this information on the (color) display of the energy device.

Applications for energy measurement devices from Janitza

Fortop has been developing apps for Janitza energy measurement devices and power meters for years. Through apps it is possible to gain insight into the hidden measurement data. With the introduction of the Janitza PRO series, the apps developed by fortop are standard part of the Janitza energy measurement devices.


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What's new about the Janitza PRO series?

An app pre-installed on a Janitza PRO series meter displays information on a dashboard. The operation of the dashboard is similar to an internet page and can be reached via IP address via desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. You have insight into the status of the power quality of your electrical installation and many other electrical parameters. The apps add functionality to your energy measurement device.

Power quality analyzer UMG 512-PRO

Power analyzer UMG 509-PRO

What does the dashboard show?

  • The status of your installation at a glance
  • Consumption Manager
  • Power Quality status of your installation:
    • Status of dips, peaks and transients
    • Status according to EN50160
    • Status according to IEC61000-2-4    
    • Status for earth fault current measurement
    • Graph for the display of real-time and historical measurement values


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