ReeR safety for in and around your machine

Safety in and around your machine

ReeR is specialist in machine safety and is specialized in opto-electronical sensors and controllers. One of the specialties from ReeR is creating a safety zone by and light curtain or laser scanner with corresponding safety relay.

Thanks to the experience in machine builders, automotive, robotics and pallatising machines, ReeR has a safety solution for every specific application.

ReeR found in 1959 in Turin, Italy. At this moment, ReeR has more than 100 employees.


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reer light curtains

Reer light curtains

Light curtains protect against unauthorized access of people to area's and/or machines. A light curtain consists of at least two components, a transmitter and a receiver. It is possible to connect several light curtains to each other and to use it as a master/slave setup (cascade).

The light curtains emitter (transmitter) emits signals that are received by the light curtain receiver (receiver). If this signal is interrupted, the system switches off, preventing a dangerous situation. The minimum protected height that can be secured by a light curtain is 160 mm, the highest protected height is 2260 mm. Read more about light curtains.


The muting functions in the new type Safegate have radically improved. An example is the part were you mute the guarded height whereby the safety level of the application can be strongly increased. The integrated muting lamps, smart accessories for mounting of the muting function, photocells and unique photocells with 5 beams for detection of difficult objects. Read more about muting light curtains.

Reer muting light curtains
Reer configurable safety relay

Simple and relaible safety system

The ReeR Mosaic is a modular, configurable safety relay for safe monitoring of machines and installations. It is suitable for monitoring of different safety sensors like safety light curtains, laser scanners, photocells, mechanical switches, emergency stop and two-hand control in one system. The system contains a master module M1 and a maximum of 7 extension modules which can be configrured by a rear bus connector at the back of the module. configurable safety relay