ReeR Safety for in and around your machine

ReeR is specialist in machine safety and is specialized in opto-electronical sensors and controllers. One of the specialties from ReeR is creating a safety zone by and light curtain or laser scanner with corresponding safety relay.


Thanks to the experience in machine builders, automotive, robotics and pallatising machines, ReeR has a safety solution for every specific application. ReeR found in 1959 in Turin, Italy. At this moment, ReeR has more than 100 employees.


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Light curtains and light screens | ReeR

Reer light curtains

ReeR light curtains protect people and machines against unsafe situations. The ReeR light screens are suitable for finger protection, hand protection, limb protection and walk-in protection. With a ReeR light screen you are able to secure a zone against unwanted access. With ReeR Mosaic programmable safety relays it is easy to set up your own safety system.

ATEX light screens

In addition to standard light screens for standard applications, ReeR has light curtains suitable for ATEX environments. If light curtains are used in the open air or in rooms where condensation occurs, ReeR has heated light curtains with a watertight housing. Read more about ReeR light screens


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Set up a safety system yourself

ReeR mosaic programmable safety relay is a modular and configurable safety relay for securing machines or installations. The safety system is suitable for monitoring various safety sensors such as safety light curtains, laser scanners, photocells, mechanical limit switches, mats, emergency-off buttons and two-hand operation in one flexible system.

Independent of ReeR

When composing your safety system and when using ReeR mosaic, you are not 'stuck' to ReeR. Other safety components can also be connected to ReeR mosaic. The system consists of a master module ReeR M1 and a maximum of 7 expansion modules that are connected via the bus at the rear. Read more about configurable safety relays.


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Muting light curtains | ReeR


The muting functions in the new type ReeR Safegate have radically improved. An example is the part were you mute the guarded height whereby the safety level of the application can be strongly increased. The integrated muting lamps, smart accessories for mounting of the muting function, photocells and unique photocells with 5 beams for detection of difficult objects. Read more about muting light curtains.


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ReeR detection light screens can detect and measure an object. It is possible to connect the ReeR detection light screens to a PLC that provides you with real-time information.

Resolution of detection light screens

ReeR detection light screens are available in different beam distances. The number of beams and the beam distance determine the precision. The Micron-series has a detection light screen with a resolution of 5 mm to detect small objects. ReeR detection light screens with an analogue output are available in 0/10 VDC or 4/20 mA. MI B-series has RS485. Read more about Micron detection light screens


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Detection light screens Micron-series | ReeR
RFID safety switches | ReeR


For protection of doors, fences and valves

ReeR Magnus RFID safety switches have a safety level of up to PL e / SIL3 by unique coding. The safety switches from ReeR are available in unique coding, individually coded and actuator coded sensor. Read more about RFID safety switches.


The non-contact safety sensors come in a watertight housing with a sealing of IP67 and IP69K. The sensors can withstand aggressive substances such as cleaning products, a requirement often expressed by the food industry. It is not difficult to install the Magnus RFID in existing equipment due to its modest size, easy assembly and simple operation.


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ReeR application example

A robot cell and conveyor belt with in- and outgoing fork-lift trucks

A robot cell stacks a pallet from a conveyor belt. The pallets are then picked up and moved by a forklift truck. The forklift trucks enter the secured area and then leave the secured area. In addition to ReeR light screens, emergency stop buttons, fence protection with ReeR Magnus RFID switches are also used.

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Application example | ReeR
Safety photocells ILION IL10 | IL20 | ReeR


ReeR safety photocells can be installed or installed in very compact spaces, thanks to the compact size of the security system, while the possibility to use more photocells offers the maximum flexibility when positioning the protective beams.

Mosaic security controller

The photocells must be connected to the control unit, for example: standard AU SX or AU SXM control unit with muting or Mosaic for forming a security system that can consist of 1, 2, 3 or 4 photocells with a single beam. In case of connection with Mosaic safety controller, the number of photocells depends on the configuration of the security system.




The Safelock safety system from ReeR is a safety switch that is used to protect personnel when opening doors and gates that give access to hazardous areas. The safety switch works by monitoring and interrupting the safety circuit during hazardous scenarios. The Safelock safety system locks and unlocks access to hazardous areas and guarantees safety until the danger has passed.

Available models

The SLK-M switch is activated by a spring and unlocking takes place by applying voltage / current. The SLK-E works in reverse. The safety switch is activated by voltage and released by activating a spring.



Security system Safelock | ReeR