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DIS Tilt switches

DIS Sensors tilt switch is a type of switch that switches at a certain angle as compared to the horizon (similar to the old mercury switch). It is in fact an inclinometer with a switching output. Since gravity serves as a reference (same as for inclinometers) and because of the possibility to mount the sensor anywhere, maximum mounting freedom is achieved.


The new generation of tilt switches from DIS Sensors are based on MEMS-technology and intelligent microcontroller algorithms. As a result, single or twin axis switches can be implemented with any desired switching angle. The output can be NPN or PNP. An internal buzzer is available as an option. All in a QG40 housing. Even more accurate tilt switches with higher thermal stability can be executed using the QG65 housing.


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Tilt switches | DIS Sensors


  • DIS sensors use MEMS technology

  • High thermal stability

  • Single or twin axis available

  • Small compact housing

  • From 32 to 1024 pulses