Electrical safety edges - Rubber profiles - Switch strips

Electrical safety edges are used for securing machine bottlenecks, automatic sliding gates, doors and access systems. Electrical safety edges are also called switch strips, rubber profiles or bumpers. The switch chamber is incorporated in the top of the rubber, so less force is needed to switch the list. BBC Bircher Smart Access is the sensor specialist for automatic doors and gates, public transport and industry.

Customized switching strips

In our workshop we make customized tailor-made lists. We do this on the basis of different profiles, lengths and cable lengths.


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Electrical safety edges - Switch strips - BBC Bircher Smart Access
Electrical safety edges - Coverline - BBC Bircher Smart Access

Switching edges for automatic sliding gates, doors and access systems

The Bircher Reglomat EPE040/067A0J is the intermediate switching edge in the CoverLine series. The switch frame has a height of 67 mm and the switch chamber is located at the top of the rubber for high response sensitivity.

Simple assembly

The switch frame has a simple assembly thanks to reduced arcing of the switch chamber. The CoverLine switch frames are available with matching end caps. Read more about safety strips for automatic sliding gates, doors and access systems.


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New switching edge with "Chamber Height Reduction Effect"

Bircher Reglomat EPE016/026A0T and EPE016/026J2T are two switch strips from the S-Line series. Unique to these switch frames is the Chamber Height Reduction Effect.

Easy introduction

With the two new types, the position of the switch chamber and the patented Chamber Height Reduction Effect ensure easy insertion of the switch frame into the rail. As soon as you click the switch frame parallel to the rail, the room height decreases millimeters, reducing the response time. Read more about the Chamber Height Reduction Effect.


Compile your own safety edge

S-line switching edge - BBC Bircher Smart Access
Airmission system - BBC Bircher Smart Access

Wireless transmission between the pneumatic switch edge and the control

Switching edges for roller doors, sectional doors or up-and-over doors can switch electrically or pneumatically. Air pressure is used in pneumatic circuits. The AirMission system from BBC Bircher Smart Access ensures a wireless transmission between the pneumatic switch frame and the control system.

Contactless and wear-free

The information about the status of a pressure-sensitive pneumatic switchgear is transmitted without contact and therefore wear-free. The AirMission system is suitable for applications with Performance Level PLc, cat. 2 according to EN ISO 13849-1. Read more about wireless transmission between the pneumatic switch frame and the control unit.


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Extensive accessories

The profiles contain not only the matching AP-G2 aluminum rail, but also two PVC rails, which are a lighter alternative to the classic aluminum version. Moreover, the PP-G3 plastic rail is equipped with an extra T-foot to place the safety edge in an existing C-groove. This means that non-switching sealing profiles - for example on roller shutters or light roller doors - can be mounted with a safety edge that protects the primary closing edge of the roller shutter or roller shutter.

EN-C26 sealing cap

The new flexible EN-C26 sealing cap can be attached to the new profile in a few simple steps. The sealing cap is provided with pull pins, so that it can be glued or screwed onto the embedded profile. The aluminum or plastic rail is completely covered with the lateral fixing principle, which ensures a uniform appearance.

Flexible EN-C26 sealing cap | Bircher Reglomat
RFGate - BBC Bircher Smart Access


Switching strips signal the status of the door and transmit it to the monitoring relay. In the case of electric switching frames, two metal contacts ensure the transmission of the signal. Then a control module provides for the processing of the signal. The module can be placed on the door and uses a wireless transfer.

Read more about wireless signal transmission

Control unit for switch strip

Loop detection is used for automatic opening of industrial gates and, for example, barriers. In many cases use is made of switch frames. The Bircher Reglomat EsGate is a solution to process the signals from loops and switching frames. Read more about loop detection and application examples.


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ESGate control unit - BBC Bircher Smart Access