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Unlimited possibilities

Industry 4.0, IoT and BigData are known to everyone and offers unprecedented opportunities. But what about the elementary - the wiring philosophy? Whereas previously the cabinet was the central element of the automation, the automation technology is now decentralized to the field.


ESCHA develops and manufactures its power cables, data cables, connectors, chassis parts, splitters and I / O boxes in Germany. 700 people work for ESCHA worldwide. Together they generate an annual turnover of approximately € 55 million. Through ESCHA's global distribution network and production facilities in Europe, America and Asia, they guarantee consistent product, quality and service worldwide.


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Connection cables - ESCHA
Power follows Bus - ESCHA

From centrally cabled to network

What does that mean? There are many small islands of automation, which are distributed over the entire system. This wiring philosophy resolutely changed: cable bundles no longer run centrally from the cabinet to the system, but are connected in series via bus technology. The feed was long dominated by central wiring.

M12x1 Power

New standards such as M12x1 Power shall ensure that the power transfer can run over the network. At ESCHA they call this principle "Power follows Bus' Read more about M12x1 Power


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Nowadays, M12x1 connectors are standard in the area of device connectivity. Previously, mainly signals and data have been transmitted via such connectors. With ‘Power S‘ and ‘Power T‘ from ESCHA, new application areas in power transmission emerge.


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M12 Power cable - ESCHA
M12 power connectors, cables and splitters | ESCHA

Less voltage drops

A comprehensive range of connectors and H-, h- and T-distribution makes serial wiring at field level possible. A unique feature of the whole M12x1 POWER family is the wire diameter to 2.5 mm≤. This allows, in contrast to the small diameter, a high current to be passed through the flow dividers. In particular in DC-distribution, this means less voltage drop.

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