Power Quality Analyzer Janitza UMG 512-PRO: insight into consumption, interference and mains voltage quality

Power quality analyzer to prevent problems before they actually arise

With a 5th and 6th current transformer input it is possible to continuously monitor earth fault currents. As a result, a periodic insulation test of your installation is no longer necessary. The Janitza UMG 512-PRO is equipped with a temperature input. Events can also be registered for short-term deviations in frequency and/or reactive power. This makes the analyzer suitable for measuring generators of, for example, emergency power supplies in critical applications.

Power quality analyzer UMG 512-PRO

The Janitza UMG 512-PRO is an all-in-one power quality analyzer and measures the voltage quality according to international standards such as EN 50160, IEEE519 and EN 61000-2-4. Power quality problems are quickly detected, because the quality of voltage and current are automatically reported in accordance with the applicable standards. Voltage dips, peaks and transients that can lead to failure are automatically registered and reported via, for example, e-mail or the web interface. On the integrated website of the power quality analyzer, you immediately see the status of the power quality of your electrical installation. The website is accessible via PC, laptop, tablet and smartphone.

Features of the power quality analyzer UMG 512-PRO:

  • Measuring voltage quality according to IEC61000-4-30, class A
  • Measuring consumption parameters
  • Measuring power quality parameters such as harmonic to the 63rd order
  • Measuring short interruptions, transients and peaks
  • Measuring earth fault currents


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Power Quality Analyzer UMG 512-PRO - Janitza
Backside and connections - Power quality analyser UMG 512-PRO - Janitza

Features of power quality analyzer UMG 512-PRO

  • Power quality analyzer, kWh-meter, earth fault current meter, IP gateway, logger, PLC and web server in one housing
  • To be used as an IP gateway for Modbus meters; underlying meters are accessible via the IP network
  • Simple connection in an existing installation with protocols such as RS485 (Modbus RTU and Profibus), Ethernet TCP / IP, BACnet IP, HTTP, FTP, SNMP, SMTP, SNTP or DNS
  • Earth fault current measurement for determining insulation quality in TN and TT networks
  • Direct insight into the power quality status of the installation:
    • Status for dips, peaks and transients with direct link to analysis page
    • Status according to EN50160 and IEC61000-2-4 with direct link to analysis page
    • Status for earth fault current measurement with direct link to analysis page
  • Integrated web-based line writer for current and historical measurement values
  • Optimal display on PC, tablet and smartphone (responsive design)
  • 256Mb memory for storage of 10 million measured values
  • Includes Dutch-language configuration software GridVis
Power quality analyzer connection diagram UMG 512-PRO - Janitza

Technical features power quality analyzer

  • Fourier analysis to the 63rd order, individually for U-LN, U-LL, I, P, Q
  • Every 200ms determination of more than 2500 variables according to IEC61000-4-30, class A
  • Detection of transients> 50us, short interruptions and peaks> 10ms
  • 4 voltage and 6 current measurement inputs
  • PT100 temperature measurement input
  • Continuous sampling of all voltage and current channels with 20kHz
  • Datalogger and event logger (250MB Flashdisk)
  • 2 digital inputs and 2 digital outputs
  • RS485 (Modbus RTU, Modbus Master)
  • Profibus DP / VO alternative
  • Ethernet (web server, e-mail, optional with BACnet)
  • Program custom functions via Jasic
  • Modbus gateway function for linking
  • Modbus devices to IP


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