Level sensor for level measurement

Avoid interference and downtime

The capacitive Smart Paddle from Rechner Sensors is for the level control of bulk and is designed for liquids with a dielectric constant of 2 to 80. It doens't get any simpler: the user installs the sensor, connect it electrically, and the level sensor is ready for measurement. The Smart Paddle is optimized for different materials. Setting on the product is not required.


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Smart Paddle capacitive sensor | Rechner Sensors
Smart Paddle capacitive sensor | Rechner Sensors

Suitable for the food industry

The Smart Paddle has no moving parts and is therefore maintenance free. It is ideal for applications where rotating sensors, vibrating forks or mechanical switches are used. The advantages for the user are obvious: easy installation and reliable measurement without the known problems of the mechanical measuring systems.


For the materials with their dielectric constant falling outside the range of this sensor a variant with the Easy Teach-by-wire principle is available. The LCP-material of the housing is resistant and suitable for use in the food industry. The process connection is G 1/2 ". Rechner offers a wide range of adapters and welding sockets available.

Features Smart Paddle

  • High Performance function, “Quattro EMC Protect” electrical protections
  • Made of food contact safe material LCP (FDA conforming material)
  • Safe for CIP/SIP high temperature cleaning (zero-current, 121 °C) for the pharmaceutical industry
  • Suitable for high pressure (10 bar, 145 PSI)