Safety switches and solenoid locking safety switches

As soon as a safety device is opened, the safety switch must stop a hazardous installation, for example a machine movement, and prevent the dangerous installation from being started. Manipulation of the safety device must be excluded here. For example, the safety sensor can ensure that the safety device can not be opened until the hazardous production process has been stopped. Once the safety device is closed, the safety switch ensures that the production process is resumed. 

ReeR Safety and steute are specialists in the field of switch equipment, each with its own unique characteristics.

Variants safety switches: 

  • Safety switches with separate actuator key for ATEX zones
  • Safety switches with separate actuator key for extreme conditions
  • Safety switches for rotating safety devices
  • Safety locks for extreme conditions


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Safety position switch - STM 298 - steute
Safety switch - EX AZ 16 - steute

Safety switch with separate actuator key for ATEX-zones

The Ex AZ 16 safety switch from steute is suitable for use in ATEX zones 1 and 21. The safety switch is equipped with a glass-fiber reinforced, shock-resistant plastic housing with a protection rating of IP65 in accordance with IEC / EN 60529.

Variants of safety switches with separate actuator key

There are also safety switches with a metal housing available and safety switches with a high degree of protection, up to IP69. The Ex AZ 16-3D safety switch can be used in ATEX zone 22.



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Hinge switch for rotatable safety devices

A hinge safety switch is suitable for rotating safety devices that must be closed to guarantee the required safety. Depending on the version, hinge switches can protect installation and maintenance-friendly doors, as well as heavy doors in machine and system construction. The EEx 335 V.S hinge switch from steute can be used in extreme environmental conditions.


  • Explosion zone 1 & 21
  • Metal housing
  • Drive shaft can be rotated 360 °
  • Special version for dust explosion zone 22


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Hinge switch - Eex 355 - steute
Safety switches and interlocks - steute

Solenoid locking safety switch

Unlike traditional safety switches, safety locks have an extra lock. Safety locks offer the solution with moving safety devices such as doors, flaps, fences or protective covers. When opening a safety device, dangerous machines and machine movements must be stopped. Safety interlocks must prevent the machines from starting again and must not be manipulated or circumvented.

Safety locks are increasingly being used to prevent interruption of a (production) process by, for example, opening a safety door or safety gate. The use of safety interlocks contributes to consistent productivity and prevents, for example, downtime and restarting processes of (production) installations.

The safety interlock products comply with all relevant standards, guidelines and regulations with regard to machine safety. In combination with safety relays, safety interlocks reach SIL 3 in accordance with EN 62061 or PL e in accordance with EN ISO 13849-1.


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Safety lock with separate actuator key

The safety lock STM 295 from steute ensures that sliding, rotating and removable safety devices such as doors, gates and flaps cannot be opened until dangerous machines or machine movements have stopped.

The safety lock is equipped with a glass-fiber reinforced, shock-resistant, plastic housing and can withstand temperatures from -20 ° C to + 55 ° C. The STM 285 has a protection rating of IP67 in accordance with IEC / EN 60529.


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Safety switches - STM 295 - steute
Safety switch with interlock - STM 298 - steute

Solenoid locking safety switch for ATEX zones

The safety lock for ATEX applications of support - the Ex STM 298-3GD - is extremely suitable for mounting on the usual profile systems. The safety lock can be used in ATEX zones 2 and 22.

High locking force

The high locking force (up to 3000 N) prevents operators from opening the door before the dangerous movement has stopped. The safety switch is so powerful that it comes out very well in applications where safety doors regularly open and close. Read more about the STM 298-3GD safety switch.


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The Safelock safety system from ReeR Safety is a safety switch that is used to protect personnel when opening doors and gates that give access to hazardous areas. The safety switch works by monitoring and interrupting the safety circuit during hazardous scenarios. The Safelock safety system locks and unlocks access to hazardous areas and guarantees safety until the danger has passed.

Available models

The SLK-M switch is activated by a spring and unlocking takes place by applying voltage / current. The SLK-E works in reverse. The safety switch is activated by voltage and released by activating a spring.


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Safelock - SLK - ReeR Safety