Signal towers and signal pillars

Signal towers and signal pillars

Signal towers and signal pillars are important visual and auditory signaling devices for use in machines or in automation processes. Signal towers and signal pillars are also known as totem poles or status columns. The color or state of the signal tower indicates a certain command. Standard signal towers and signal columns are equipped with a buzzer. Auer Signal is a technology leader in the field of optical and acoustic signal devices such as signal towers, signal lights, buzzers, horns and sirens.

Modular signal towers and signal pillars

Modular signal towers are available in several variants as surface mounted, wall and panel mounting versions. Optical, acoustic and optical-acoustic models are also available. Modular signal towers are available with corner mounting, tube mounting, floor mounting and wall mounting elements.  


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Signal towers sizes  ECOmodul | Auer Signal
Signal tower Modul Perfect PC7 | Auer signal

Highest signal tower | Modul Perfect | PC7

The Modul Perfect 70, or PC7 for short, is one of the most versatile signal towers. The signal tower is up to 6 times brighter than the competition and up to 13 times brighter than the previous model Modul-Signal 70. With 7 positions is the PC7 one of the most versatile signal towers. The unique, patented contact allows up to 7 positions thanks to 8 internal contacts. The upper module is even brighter than the standard light modules and has an extensive, hemispherical signal effect. The diffuser films can be placed effortlessly in each individual module, even at a later time.

The cost-effective M12 connector base

The M12 connector base is the perfect solution for applications where fast, simple and cost-effective installation of the signal tower a top priority is. Read more about the Modul Perfect PC7.


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Modular signal towers ECOmodul | Auer Signal

Modular signal lamps with LED

Modular signal lamps and signal towers make is possible to see and hear the status of a specific machine or technical installation from a distance.  Modular signal towers can be equipped with optical, acoustic and optical-acoustic signaling modules. The ECOmodul signal tower from Auer Signal has many different mounting options, so you can assemble the signal tower exactly as you wish. 

ECOmodul signal tower

The ECOmodul signal tower uses very bright LED technology. The modular signal tower is equipped with optical modules and a buzzer for acoustic safety functions. The connection is very simple, namely via a spring pressure of push0in technology. 


  • Powerful LED modules, continuous, blink or flash light
  • Very long life, vibration resistant and lower energy consumption
  • Modular signal towers 40, 60 and 70 mm
  • Buzzer and alarm modules  


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modular signal tower for wall mounting | Half-Dome

The modular signal tower Half-Dome for wall mounting from Auer Signal is a high-quality signal tower for universal applications, such as installation on walls or directly on the machine. With a high protection class of IP65, the Half-Dome signal tower is suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage. The signal tower has a special lens optic with a reflective coating for optical signaling and visibility from any viewing angle (180°). The modular signal tower has a maximum of six modules, five LED modules and one buzzer (70-90 dB) in the upper enclosure area.


  • 180 ° viewing angle
  • Individually adjustable sound pressure (70-90 dB)
  • SPS fit
  • 12 VAC / DC, 24 VAC / DC, 110/120 VAC and 230/240 VAC
  • Certified according to UL type 4 / 4X / 13

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Modular signal tower Half-Dome | Auer Signal
Signal tower ECOmodul Small size | Auer Signal

The smallest signal tower series

The ECOmodul 40-series of Auer signal with a diameter of 40mm is the smallest modular signal tower series in the world. Only the Ø 40 mm signal tower of the ECOmodul series is available with an LED multi strobe or multi color strobe. You can choose from pre-assembled towers or you can put together your own signal tower with both optical and acoustic modules (80dB). The 40 series can withstand temperatures of -30 ° C and + 60 ° C. The signal tower has a maximum of 5 modules or 10 modules using a double bracket.


  • User-friendly connection technology
  • PLC-fitting
  • IP66 degree of protection
  • UL type 4 / 4X / 13
  • Extensive range of mounting types


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