Vision & sensors for every application

Vision & sensors

Detection issues can be solved in different ways. It is possible to combine different technique's (optical, capacitive, ultrasonically, and inductive.) With different brands, fortop is able to provide a solution for every specific application. 

Vision en sensors
Sensopart vision

Best in class

SensoPart Visor®

Vision sensors have never been so efficiently, simple and intuitive. With a few clicks the Visor® is ready for use. The Visor® technology by SensoPart is a simple and effective solution for the most difficult automation tasks

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For every application the right sensor

SensoPart F 25 serie

The F 25 serie photocells are not only conviencing because of the wide range of versions but also because of the usefull details who makes the difference in a lot of applications. All F 25 sensors are available in laser and and LED edition.



Sensopart F 25
Sensopart F10

Little housing, great performance

SensoPart F 10

That small sensors can deliver great performance proves SensoPart with the photocell series F10. The F10 series is the first and only miniature sensor based on laser light. The availability of adjustable background suppression and the small housing type, makes the sensor unique. Thanks to the unique specifications and the user friendly details, the sensors can be used in almost any application.

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Reliable analogue level measurement

Rechner I-Level

The capacitive level probe for analogue level measurement from RECHNER Sensors also has 2 additional binary switching points. The user can set the analog measuring range anywhere within the measuring area. The two switching points can also be positioned anywhere over the whole measuring area, either within or outside of the set analogue measuring range.

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Rechner I level

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Colour independent background suppression

Detection sensor with background suppression for reflective and glossy objects The ASIC microchip the FT25-RHD has a very high accuracy and a unique background suppression. Even a reflective or shiny background does not have any effect upon the detection of an object by the sensor. As a result, a v...

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