Power quality analysers

With a power quality analyser all conceivable quantities are measured continuously. The class A analysers from Janitza measure voltage quality according to international standards such as EN50160, IEEE519 and EN61000-2-4 and record voltage dips, peaks and waveforms.

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Ppower quality analyser UMG 512-PRO - Janitza

Universal measurement devices

Universal measurement devices measure the most common electrical parameters and are available in panel and DIN rail mounting and can be supplied in all conceivable bus systems.

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Power analysers

A power analyser from Janitza is the standard behind every transformer or generator. The analyzers measure all imaginable quantities, determine the voltage quality according to EN61000-2-4 and record voltage dips, peaks and waveforms.

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GridVis® is an energy management tool that collects data from various consumption meters and power analysers. The software converts this data into understandable reports, visualisation and alarms.

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Gridvis analysis software - energy management system - Janitza

Active dynamic filters

Disturbances in the power supply such as harmonics, interharmonics and flicker can lead to unexplained process failures. Most power quality problems can be solved with active harmonic filters.

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P25 active dynamic filter - Comsys

Safety PLC - Safety controller

A safety PLC monitors various safety functions of safety light curtains, laser scanners, photocells, emergency shutdown buttons and two-hand operation in one flexible system. With free software it is easy to set up a security system.

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Technical managers of electrical installations face major challenges. Power management ensures higher reliability and continuity of electrical energy.

Steven Hill - Managing director

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Light curtains

Light curtains protect against unauthorized access of people to rooms and / or machines. A light screen consists of at least two components, a transmitter and a receiver. It is possible to connect several light curtains to each other and to make use of a master / slave setup (cascade).

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Vision sensors

Vision sensors are suitable for the simplest detections to (complicated) robot applications. From object detection, measuring distance, measuring thickness, recognizing colour, recognizing (bar) codes to breaking control.

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Vision sensor - VISOR® - SensoPart

Sensor and actuator cables

Sensor and actuator cables combine the typical requirements of the automation industry in one product: halogen, PVC and silicone free. Suitable for energy chains, fire retardant, resistant to chemicals, oil, microbes and hydrolysis. Available with different cable qualities such as PVC, PUR and PURrobotic.

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Sensor and actuator cables - ESCHA

Wireless sensor network - steute Nexy

Steute has developed a completely new wireless network with “access points” – steute nexy. With the application of steute nexy, continuous communication between wireless switches and the ERP system or other higher-level system is possible.

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Temporary measurements

Temporary measurements provide immediate insight into the consumption, load and health of (parts of) your electrical installation. Fortop's specialists will visit you for a day measurement or even an extensive investigation lasting several weeks.

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Optical and acoustic signaling

Optical and acoustic signaling devices warn users and operators with the help of light and sound.

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Optical and acoustic signaling - Auer Signal

VISOR® Robotic Vision Camera

SensoPart's VISOR® robotic vision camera provides the robot with all the information it needs about the position of parts. To better integrate the VISOR® vision camera into robotic applications, SensoPart has developed the URCap and KUKA app, among others.

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VISOR® Robotic Vision Camera - SensoPart

Foot switches and foot pedals

Foot switches are used in industry and mechanical engineering to switch machines or plant on or off. Foot switches are available with or without a safety function.

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Radar security

Inxpect's radar system detects operator movement. Whereas dust, water, smoke, vapour, shavings, moisture and flying parts normally create a tricky situation in creating a safe zone, this is not the case with Inxpect's radar security system.

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Electronic compensation

Electronic compensation makes it possible to compensate inductive, capacitive and harmonic reactive power. In addition, it is possible to remove unbalanced phase currents. This creates additional power space, reduces energy losses and prevents penalties and claims.

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Electronic compensation - Sinexcel