Safety light curtains

Light curtains protect against unauthorized access of people to rooms and / or machines. A light screen consists of at least two components, a transmitter and a receiver. It is possible to connect several light curtains to each other and to make use of a master / slave setup (cascade).

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Non-contact safety switches

Non-conact safety switches protect people from unexpectedly opening doors, gates or valves. Contactless safety switches offer the solution where standard safety switches are not applicable.

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Safety PLC - Safety controller

A safety PLC or safety controller monitors various safety functions of safety light curtains, laser scanners, photocells, emergency shutdown buttons and two-hand operation in one flexible system. With free software it is easy to set up a security system.

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Safety PLC - Safety controller Mosaic - ReeR Safety

Protect yourself and your colleagues against unsafe access to rooms and/or machines.

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Radar protection

Inxpect's radar system detects operator movement. Where dust, water, smoke, vapor, shavings, moisture and flying parts normally create a difficult situation in the creation of a safe zone, this is not the case with the radar protection system from Inxpect.

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Radar-based volumertric safety barrier - Inxpect

Door handle switches

Door handles are suitable for locking and unlocking safety devices that must be closed or opened to ensure safety.


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Belt alignment switches

A belt alignment switch ensures that materials that are transported over a conveyor belt remain on the conveyor belt and the belt is not skewed.

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Safety position switches

Safety position switches check the position of, for example, valves or valves or confirm the presence of an object (s). The difference with regular position switches is that safety position switches meet the standards for a safe working environment.

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Safety switches

Safety switches protect people against (unexpected) opening of access systems to machines or technical installations.

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Safety photocells

A photocell detects people to prevent unwanted access. When a person crosses the infrared beam, the technical installation is (temporarily) interrupted. Safety photocells meet the safety standards.

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Safety mats

The contact mats ensure an immediate deactivation when leaving the control platform (unexpectedly). In addition, they offer a slip-resistant, vibration-absorbing and therefore ergonomically responsible standing surface.


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Safety pull-wire switches

Pull-wire switches with safety function are used on machines to enable an emergency stop over a long distance. When operating the pull-wire switch, the safety pull-cord switch switches. Thanks to the (long) pull cord, entire machine lines can be secured.

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Safety pull-wire switch - steute

Safety foot switches

In situations where manual operation is not possible and the emergency stop function must be accessible when a hazardous situation arises, safety foot switches offer the solution. Safety foot switches are used as activation switches on machines and technical installations.

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Safety foot switches - steute

Switching units for mats and lists

The switching devices monitor the connected contact mats and switching lists for activations and interruption. They are also monitored for changes in the quiescent current.

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Safety shoes

The aerospace industry often faces the challenge of protecting staff and passengers and preventing damage to machinery and equipment. Loading and unloading an aircraft is a typical example. Mayser provides the right safety technology for this, for example the Safety Shoe. All Mayser's products comply with International Air Transportation Association (IATA) standards for operational safety. 

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Safety edges

Safety edges are used for securing machine bottlenecks, automatic sliding gates, doors and other access systems. Safety edges are also called bumpers or bumpers. The switch chamber is incorporated in the top of the rubber, so less force is needed to switch the list.

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Safety edges and electrical safety strips - Mayser

Safety bumpers

Safety bumpers are active bumpers made of soft foam with a special cover, equipped with an integrated sensor for (disabling) operation. The bumpers operate according to the normally closed and normally open principle. 

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