Radar-based volumetric safety barrier

One of the major advantages of using radar for protecting machines and installations is that it is non-optical. Where dust, water, smoke, vapor, wood chips or moisture normally cause unstable protection or cause an undesired emergency stop / machine stop, this is not the case with a security system with radar sensors. In addition, the system detects movement of operators and serves as a restart prevention to protect persons entering a hazardous area during the machine's downtime.

Radar technology

Other safety products recognize this as a dangerous situation and switch to the safe situation. This is seen by an operator as a faulty interruption. By using radar protection that ignores small objects and recognizes people, these situations are prevented. Even without direct view, the system only responds to people and ignores other objects and substances.



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Radar based volumetric safety barrier - Inxpect
Radar safety barrier - LBK S01 - Inxpect

Sensors for radar protection

The sensor of the radar protection system from Inxpect detects and monitors movement and moving particles. The radar motion sensor has a minimum distance of 1.2 meters and a maximum distance of 4 meters. To set up a radar security system, at least one radar security sensor is required. A maximum of six radar security sensors can be connected to the control unit of the radar protection system. A safe zone of up to 15 meters can be achieved with six radar security sensors.

Radar protection system up to safety category PLd

By combining the radar security sensor with the control unit, the radar security system is suitable for SIL2, safety category 3, PLd applications in accordance with IEC 61508, EN / IEC62061.


The first multi-area, dynamic 3D safety radar

The S201A system from Inxpect is the first radar safety system that can detect multiple zones (MIMO: Multiple-Input Multiple-Output). The S201A system has a longer range, in contrast to the S101A system and can detect persons from 0.5 m to 5 m. The S101A system has a range of 1.2 metres to a maximum of 4 metres. Read more about the S201A system from Inxpect.

Features S201A radar security system: 

  • Detects people between 0.5 and 5 metres
  • Dymanic selectable field of view
  • Frequency: 60 GHz
  • Restart time: 4 seconds
  • Communication via CAN-bus to controller
  • Detects between 10 and 100 degrees horizontally and 20 degrees vertically
  • Suitable for Pld Cat.3
  • Flexible mounting
  • Safe series connection through OSSD
Dynamic 3D safety radar - S201A Radar Protection - Inxpect
Control unit ISC - Radar safety barrier - Inxpect

Control unit for radar security system

The ISC is the control unit of the radar protection system and can monitor up to 6 radar sensors. When one of the six radar movement sensors detects an operator in the danger zone, the control unit switches to safe mode through the safe relay output. The control unit is configured with supplied software.

Split secure zone into multiple parts

The protected zone can be divided into different sub-zones. With four radar sensors you are able to set four dangerous or warning zones. Are there people in one of the four dangerous zones? Then, for example, you can switch that part of the dangerous machine or robot application to the safe position. This way you prevent an entire installation from being stopped.

The following functionalities are configured with the software:
  • The warning and danger zone (size, depth, size)
  • Automatic or manual restart after an interruption
  • Detection sensitivity


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area of applications - radar security system

There are many industrial applications that require safety barriers where traditional safety components can be applied. Where safety light screens, safety mats and other optical or pressure sensitive solutions cannot function or cannot guarantee the desired safety, the S101A radar protection system offers the solution.

Areas of application:

  • Robot applications and automated production processes
  • Hazardous machines
  • Packaging machines
  • Food and beverage industry
  • Material processing equipment
  • Special machine constructions
Radar based volumetric safety barrier - Inxpect
Features Radar security system - Inxpect

Features Radar security system

Sensor alignment

The radar sensors from Inxpect can be connected. In this way you can monitor and protect an entire dangerous machine or robot application from all angles. Perfect alignment of the radar sensors is not mandatory.


With the free software supplied, the user is able to set the depth of the dangerous and warning zone easily and to his own wishes.

Presence detection

The radar protection system detects the presence of people in the hazardous area. The machine or robot application suppresses the restart as long as people are present in the hazardous area. The radar protection system can also give pre-alarms to prevent the machine or robot application from making a sudden emergency stop.

Detection of different zones

The radar protection system detects in which part of the hazardous area people are moving. Different actions can be configured depending on the zone detected. This way you can prevent an entire installation from being stopped, only the part or area where someone is located.

Features radar security system with radar barriers

  • Radar protection system for walk-in protection
  • Safety level: Cat. 3 / PLd / SIL2
  • Maximum security distance: 4 meters
  • Protection degree: IP67
  • Safety relay outputs: 2 NO
  • Configurable non-safe relay output for pre-alarm and 'ready' signaling
  • 3 digital inputs for muting and / or emergency stop
  • Configuration options with supplied software
  • Maximum 6 radar movement sensors S101A
  • Maximum range: 15 meters with 6 sensors
  • Perfect alignment of sensors nog mandatory
  • Detection of different zones
  • Presence detection
  • Free software for configuration 
  • IEC 61509, EN/IEC62061


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Dimension radar security sensor - Inxpect