Universal measurement devices

Universal measurement devices measure the most common electrical parameters and are available in panel and DIN rail mounting and can be supplied in all conceivable bus systems.

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Universal measurement device UMG 96 RM - Janitza

kWh measurement devices

A kWh measurement device measures and records electrical consumption. Janitza's kWh meters come standard with an MID approval and can be seamlessly integrated into fortop's software systems and can be linked to third-party systems via pulses, M-bus or Modbus.

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Industrial connectors

Industrial connectors are available in different materials, each suitable for a specific application. Normal environmental conditions, high temperature environments, aggressive environments, as well as environments that require electromagnetic compatibility.

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Safety PLC

A safety PLC or safety controller monitors various safety functions of safety light curtains, laser scanners, photocells, emergency shutdown buttons and two-hand operation in one flexible system. With free software it is easy to set up a security system.

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Safety PLC Mosaic - Safety controller - ReeR Safety

Optical and acoustic signaling

Optical and acoustic signaling devices warn users and operators with the help of light and sound.


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Optical and acoustic signaling - Auer Signal


Insight into your electricity, water, gas or heat consumption via Ethernet? Or simply retrieve status and error messages? With a data logger it is possible to easily retrieve, log and analyze usage data, operating hours and status messages.


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Do you want to know which Janitza energy device is the most suitable for your application? Use the overview table.

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GridVis® is an energy management tool that collects data from various consumption meters and power analyzers. The software converts this data into comprehensible reports, visualisation and alarms.



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Gridvis analysis software - energy management system - Janitza

Active dynamic filters

Disruptions in the energy supply such as harmonics, interharmonics and flickering can lead to inexplicable failure of processes. Most active power quality problems can be solved with active harmonic filters.

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