Industrial Multipole connectors - Modular

Connectors and plugs

Enclosures of the modular industry connectors of ILME are available with different combinations of materials, each suitable for a specific application. Normal environmental conditions, high-temperature environments, aggressive environments, as well as environments that require electromagnetic compatibility. The basic components are made of cast aluminum alloy with a coating of epoxy-polyester powder or a self-extinguishing thermoplastic.

The industrial connectors from ILME are compatible with any connector brand. 

Protection and security

Stability and protection against accidental opening are ensured by single or double locks consisting of levers, springs and pegs of stainless steel or fiberglass reinforced plastic. The protection of the interior against moisture, dust and aggressive cleaning agents is guaranteed by special seals. When applying the right housing for the application, an IP44 up to IP69K seal is guaranteed. The multi-pole connectors can be used in heavy-duty applications


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Multipole industrial connectors - Modular - ILME
Isolated T-type housing - Industrial multipole connector - ILME

Multipole industrial connector for high temperature and chemical products

Few industrial sectors are as versatile and demanding ad the food and beverage industrie. The strict hygiene requirements that apply to applications in which food is processed also have an impact on the electrical components. Read more about food and beverage connectors.

Industrial connector T-Type

The T-Type multipole industrial connectors from ILME are made of plastic thermoplastic material. They are antistatic and have mechanical resistance. This makes them resistant to (most) chemical products for industrial purposes, including salt and the most common cleaning agents. The T-Type series is suitable for use in extreme conditions such as offshore and the food industry.


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Modular connector system with ILME MIXO

The MIXO series from ILME is a modular multipole connector system with more than fifty modules, with which a custom connector can be assembled with the standard ILME housings.

Electric power, data transfer, fiber optics or air

MIXO is an open connector system with many configuration options. This allows the connector to be adjusted to the needs of the user. There are different modules available: electrical power, data transfer, fiber optics or air. Read more about multipole connector ILME MIXO.


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Modular multipole connector system - MIXO - ILME

Connector for extreme conditions

The ILME T-type enclosures are made of insulation and thermoplastic material, resistant to corrosion and exposure to various chemical substances. This makes the T-type housing ideal for applications where higher voltage is used. The ILME T-type enclosures have a degree of protection of IP65 and are fully resistant to dust and most water jets.

The housings are available in the most common sizes: 44.27, 57.27, 77.27 and 104.27. The T-type enclosures come in different variants, such as an extension housing, mounting housing, plug housing (right and right angle) and protective cover.

Features T-type industrial connectors:

  • Resistant to temperatures from -40 ° C to +90 ° C
  • Strong, lightweight components
  • Antistatic and impact-resistant
  • Quality and cost-efficient
  • Modular system is available in different sizes.
  • IP66 and IP69: dust and waterproof and suitable for cleaning under high pressure
  • Suitable for exposure to extreme weather conditions
  • Resistant to the most common substances in an industrial environment (including cleaning agents and salt)

Four-pined industry connector

The CKSH is the first modular industry connector in the 21x21 mm connectors that have the Squich principle. With the application of the Squich principle, cables can be mounted on a modular industrial connector without the use of tools. With the CKSH with Squich principle, the vein can be inserted into the modular industry connector via the top. Read more about the Squich principle.

Unique coding

When using multiple connectors in one application, it is possible that the connectors are connected incorrectly. To prevent this, it is possible to provide the connector with a unique coding. The coding pins are set to a unique position for each connector separately. In this way, every connector, male or female, receives a unique coding.


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Four pole industry connector - ILME
Heavy duty industrial connector - IP69K - ILME

Heavy Duty connector with IP69K

The most used industry connector is the type C. This series has been developed for applications in machinery and industrial environments and is actually applicable wherever a reliable connector for power supply or signals is desired.

Industrial connector with IP69K seal

The internal works of the CMCE series (with the exception of the 16 + 2 pole) and the CMSE series may use this standard housing up to 830V. Industry connectors type C have a seal up to IP69K. Read more about heavy duty connector with IP69K.


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Hygienic housing multipole industrial connector - T-Type

Classical metal industry connectors have a high impact resistance and are resistant to aggressive cleaning and disinfection agents, but in the long term metal industry connectors cause corrosion, for example due to high temperatures, damage, acid-containing electrolyte or a rubber seal with all the consequences.

Resistant to acidics and detergents

The T-type / H and T-type / C from ILME are robust and solid thermoplastic housings (high impact resistance), with special gaskets (silicone gasket / HNBR rubber, resistant to acidic detergents, vegetable and animal fats) and handles that resist are against most commonly used chemicals and cleaners, animal and vegetable fatty, acidic and detergents used in the food and beverage industry. Read more about food and beverage multipole industrial connectors.


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Food and beverage industrial connectors - ILME

T-TYPE HYGIENIC for food industry

Short-circuit connectors

If current flows through a current transformer, it must be short-circuited. An unloaded current transformer is an undesirable situation that can occur when changing measuring instruments, safety relays, carrying out calibration or maintenance work, or replacing wiring. In order to prevent this, use is often made of connection terminals with a short-circuit device.

Read more about short-circuit connectors


Short-circuit connectors - ILME
Modular industrial connectors mount with squich - ILME

Why installing multipole industrail connector with Squich?

Your screwdriver can, as far as ILME is concerned, remain in the toolbox. Because the assembly of multicables on a connector can now be done faster and without tools. With the ILME Squich a multi-connector can be mounted much faster and easier. The flexible control wiring is in fact secured with a snap-in mounting.

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