Safe and fast 'pluggable' connection of your current transformers

When current passes through a current transformer, it should be shorted. With the new patented short-circuit connectors ILME you do can do this in a quick and safe manner.

Because a current transformer behaves as a pure current source, it is necessary to conclude if this short is unloaded. After all, a current will generate a theoretically infinitely high voltage due to the infinite high resistance that occurs over the clamps. This high pressure can lead to:

  • unsafe situations (contact hazard);
  • sparks, fire;
  • inside tip of the current transformer;
  • violent shaking of the current transformer.


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short-circuit connectors - ILME
Short-circuit connectors - Transformer house - ILME

Preventing unwanted situations

An unloaded current transformer is an undesirable situation that can arise when changing instruments, protection relays, performing calibration or maintenance or replacement of wiring. To prevent this, terminals with short-circuit devices are often used.  By increasing monitoring and security through decentralized input and Smart Grids and the modular building is also the need for a pluggable solution with built-in circuit breaker increases.

No more open 'clamps'

With the new patented short-circuit connectors by ILME an interesting and affordable solution is offered. If the connector is disconnected, the short circuit bridge for all three phases is automatically activated so an "open clamp” will never occur.

ILME has a wide range of enclosures in both plastic and metal versions to an IP rating of IP68. By applying the Squich® technology the connector parts can be assembled quickly. Read more about ILME Squich.

Autoshort short-circuit connector - ILME
Short-circuit connectors | measuring cabinet | ILME


  • Automatic shorting upon disconnection connector
  • Different types of housing to apply
  • Vibration resistant
  • 50% less wiring time compared to screw clamps by Squich® technology
  • Very easy to install in difficult conditions
  • Veins with- or assemble without ferrule
  • Always a good clamp connection, even under difficult conditions
  • Clamps equipped for measurement probes