Active dynamic filters

Disruptions in the energy supply such as harmonics, interharmonics and flickering can lead to inexplicable failure of processes. Most active power quality problems can be solved with active harmonic filters.

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Active dynamic filters

Power quality analysers

With a power quality analyser, all conceivable quantities are measured continuously. The class A analyzers from Janitza measure voltage quality according to international standards such as EN50160, IEEE519 and EN61000-2-4 and record voltage dips, peaks and waveforms.

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Universal measurement devices

Universal measurement devices measure the most common electrical parameters and are available in panel and DIN rail mounting and can be supplied in all conceivable bus systems.

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Power analysers

A power analyser from Janitza is the standard behind every transformer or generator. The analyzers measure all imaginable quantities, determine the voltage quality according to EN61000-2-4 and record voltage dips, peaks and waveforms.

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The one and only all-in-one analyzer UMG 801 by Janitza

Safety position switches

Safety position switches check the position of, for example, valves or valves or confirm the presence of an object (s). The difference with regular position switches is that safety position switches meet the standards for a safe working environment.

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Absolute and incremental encoders

Encoders are electronic sensors with a rotating shaft that generates pulses when the shaft rotates. An encoder is also called pulse generator. There are basically two types of encoders: incremental encoders and absolute encoders.

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Signal lamps and lights

Without users and operators of machines and technical installations being aware, colours of a signal lamp indicate a status. Signal lights for safety are needed to warn in dangerous situations.

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Signal lamps and lights - Auer Signal