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Fortop has over 40,000 products in its range. Below we explain some of these products, so you get a clear picture what solutions they can offer.

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Light curtains

ReeR EOS 2 & EOS 4

Light curtain ReeR EOS, suitable for almost every application.

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Muting light curtain

ReeR Safegate

The muting safety light curtain from ReeR is configurable and easy to install.

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Detection light screens

ReeR Micron

Programmable detection light screens with a resolution of 5 mm.

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Configurable safety PLC

ReeR Mosaic

The ReeR Mosaic safety relay is a modulair, configurable safety relay for securing machines and installations.

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Speed monitoring

When a machine is being calibrated, the machine must not run too fast. A stationary control relay is used to check whether the machine is actually stationary.

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M12 power cables and connectors

Using the M12 Power cables, power is transferred from the centralised point to the equipment with only one cable.

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Data cables


For reliable data transfer, Escha data cables are provided with the 'shielded' concept.

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Sensor cables & actuator cables

Many different sensor and actuator cables are available on the market. In many applications standard connection technology cables do not lead to the desired results.

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Power cables

Escha power follow bus

What about the wiring philosophy? The automation technology moves now decentralized to the field.

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Colour sensors

Colour sensors detect colours by emitting light (RGB, red, green, blue) to a surface. The colour values ​​are calculated from the reflecting beams and compared with previously stored reference values.

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Vision camera

SensoPart Visor®

The Visor®-technology from SensoPart is the most simply and effective solution for the most difficult automation tasks.

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Miniature sensor

SensoPart F 10

That minatur sensors can deliver great performances proves SensoPart with the F 10-serie. The first miniatur sensor with laser light.

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Detection sensor

SensoPart F 25

Convincingly by the wide range of versions and the many useful details.

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Detect transparent

SensoPart Blue Light

SensoPart Blue Light is the solution for detecting of transparent and dark objects.

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IO link is the first standardised IO technology (IEC 6131-9) in the world for communication between sensors and actuators

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Foot switches

Foot switches are used in all machines and technical installations, where manual operation is not possible.

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Position switches

Position switches check the position of, for example, valves or valves, and confirm the presence of tools or workpieces. The universal position switches can also be used in extreme conditions.

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Pull wire switches

There are pull cord switches available with plastic and metal housings, ATEX versions, different seals, IP54 to IP69K and single or double-sided operation.

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Safety switch

Safety switches are available in different versions. Electronic, magnetic, RFID coded safety switches

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Electronic safety switches

Non-contact switches

Non-contact safety switches for machine protection

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Magnet switches

non contact switches

Non contact magnetic switches for protection and shielding of machines

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RFID safety switches

Non-contact switches

RFID safety switches for safely closing valves, fences and doors of a machine.

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Wireless switching

Steute wireless

Enable wireless in Industry4.0! Manage your processes and control them from a distance.

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ATEX switches

Steute Extreme

steute Extreme switches are specifically designed for use in extreme environments.

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Wireless switching

With sWave.NET, steute presents the next logical step in the integration of switches in the network of the future: Industry 4.0.

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Medical switches

Steute medical

Whether in diagnostics, the operating theatre or doctors’ surgeries, medical equipment must be operated intuitively if physicians and other medical staff are to be able to concentrate fully on their patients.

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Signal towers and signal pillars

Signal towers and signal pillars are important visual and auditory signaling devices for use in machines or in automation processes.

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Modular signal tower

Auer ECOmodul

The ECOmodul series combines modern LED technology with a simple connection technology.

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Signal lamps and signal lights

A signal lamp is a light source that indicates a certain status or indicates an instruction due to the condition and color indication. Signal lights for safety are needed to warn in dangerous situations.

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Auer T-serie

Auer has the best alerts for extreme and demanding applications.

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Industry connectors

Modular buildable industry connectors and food connectors

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Industrial connector

Ilme Squich

Quick connection of multi cables to a connector via snap-in connector.

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short circuit connectors


Quick and safe connection of current transformers.

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Industrial housing

Ilme T-type

The T-type isolated enclosures by Ilme withstands extreme conditions.

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Capacitive sensors

Capacitive sensors can detect both metal and non-conductive materials. Capacitive sensors are insensitive to ..

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Capacitive proximity switch

Rechner 26-serie

The 26 series capacitive proximity switch is developed for the optimization of the detection of viscous and caking products.

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Sensor for level measurement

Rechner Smart Paddle

The capacitive Smart Paddle is designed for the level control of bulk goods and liquids with a dielectric constant of 2 to 80.

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Inductive sensor

An inductive sensor or proximity sensor works according to the principle of change of impedance. An inductive sensor is ideal for detecting ferrous metals at a short detection distance.

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Analogue capacitive sensor

Rechner I-level

RECHNERS capacitive sensor for analogue level measurement has besides two switching points also an analog output.

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Ultrasonic sensors

Ultrasonic sensors are sensors that work with sound waves at high frequencies that are not perceptible to the human ear. With ultrasonic sensors, ...

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Loop detection

A detection loop is an induction loop made of copper wire. A magnetic field is created by connecting the detection loop to a control unit.

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Electrical safety switch strips

Electrical safety switch strips are used for securing bottlenecks in automatic sliding gates, doors and access systems.

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Inclination sensors

DIS Sensors

Inclinometers measure the angle of inclination in one or two axes. 

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Tilt switches

Dis sensors

A tilt switch is a type of switch that switches at a certain angle as compared to the horizon (similar to the old mercury switch). It is in fact an inclinometer with a switching output.

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Rotary encoders

Dis sensors

The QR series of rotary encoders enable contact-free measurement of an angular displacement from 0° to 360° without a mechanical stop. The QR30 series is available as absolute or incremental rotary encoders.

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Push buttons and control switches

Push buttons and control switches come in different variants. The wireless switches work according to sWave868, sWave915 and EnOcean protocols.

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ATEX wireless safety radio remote

Jay Electronique Gama

The Gama Atex radio remote can be used in applications for mobile transport systems for the remote switching on/off of the fuel pump.

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Wireless safety radio remote control

Jay electronique

Operating on mobile equipment in an outdoor environment subject to bad weather, a self-driven pump must be able to operate on all types of worksites.

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wireless radio remote safety controller Moka

Jay Electronique

Operating on mobile equipment in an outdoor environment subject to bad weather.

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