M12 power cables and connectors

Nowadays everything is pluggable. Data transfer. Single connectors. Everything can be connected with one simple action. This is not yet standard for many power supply applications. M12 Power from ESCHA enables power supply to be made pluggable.

Power supply & splitters

The use of splitters results in shortened cables and is consequently more cost-efficient by avoiding additional cable costs. The power supply starts from a centralised point and cable branches throughout the machine to provide power to decentralised points within the machine.

M12 Power is ideal for the use in AC-motors, actuators, DC frequency transducers, motor control regulators, auxiliary power distribution for operating systems.


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M12 power cables | Power supply and splitters | ESCHA
ESCHA M12 Power voltage

M12 Power for high ampere and voltage

ESCHA M12 can transfer up to 16 ampere . The cable diameter is available in the sizes 1.5 mm Ø and 2.5 mm Ø. The benefits of the ESCHA M12 Power are:


  • Up to 16 ampère
  • Max. 630 VAC, max. 63 VDC
  • Cable diameter Ø 1.5 mm and cable diameter Ø 2.5 mm
  • 3-pole (2 + PE) or 5-pole (4+ PE)


Explore unlimited possibilities with M12 Power splitters

With T, H and h-splitters you can save a lot of money on cabling. By feeding the cable through the machine efficiently and letting it branch out with the use of splitters, the total cable length can be shortened. Usually, a separate cable is used to connect the centralised point to the decentralised point in the machine. This is not the case with the ESCHA M12 Power. One cable runs from the centralised point to the machine and then branches out to the decentralised points with the use of splitters.


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M12 t-splitters en h-splitters | ESCHA
M12 Power voorbeeld lopende band | ESCHA

How does the M12 Power work in practice?

The figure above depicts an example of a product process in which products are transported over several conveyor belts. The conveyor belts are driven by a motor. The power supply is distributed equally over the various motors from the centralised point. In the previous situation a separate cable runs to each propulsion motor from the centralised point. In the new situation one power supply cable is connected and branches out to each propulsion motor. In this particular case, T-splitters are used for distributing the power supply. By using M12 Power cables, in addition to saving cable length it creates an organised overview and it saves space.

Moving machines or equipment

Once the machine depicted above is finished and tested extensively, the machine will be moved to a location where it can be deployed. In the example above the machine consists of five transport belts that are transported separately. At the destination the transport belts, together with the rest of the machine, are reassembled and installed. Since the cables are pluggable, connecting the cables can be done virtually by anyone.

If the machine needs to be relocated - for instance for deployment in another country - the ESCHA M12 Power offers one big advantage. The machine or equipment is shipped in separate components. At the destination the components are reassembled and reconnected. Once the machine proves itself to work during a test, only an M12 Power has to be connected to complete installation. Thanks to way it is coded, nothing can go wrong. It is a matter of connecting and the machine or equipment will work. An ideal solution for machines that need to be placed!

UL listed M12 Power connectors

ESCHA M12 connectors, splitters and chasis components are UL listed. This is predominantly a requirement for machines transported to the USA and Canada. The EG attestation of conformity is not recognised by the USA and Canada. In the USA and Canada the rules and guidelines are different in terms of how machine safety must be ensured. In the USA, amongst others, 'Underwriters Laboratories' (UL) applies.  ESCHA M12 is UL listed.

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UL listed M12 Power connectors
Chassis components for further distribution | ESCHA

Chassis components for further distribution

In addition to connectors and splitters , chassis components are available. The power supply runs from a centralised point to the machine. By using splitters, the power supply is distributed to the various decentralised points within the machine. In practice, these points are often located in distribution boxes. In order to connect the power supply cables to the distribution boxes, chassis components are available. The chassis components are assembled in the installation box to which the M12 Power connector is fitted. The chassis components are delivered by default with a single 50 cm wire.

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Coding type ESCHA Power M12

ESCHA M12 Power is available in different codings:

  • L-coding (63V, 4-pole without PE in compliance with PNO directives)
  • K-coding (630V, 12A, 4 + PE)
  • S-coding 4-pole (630V, 12A) and
  • T-coding (63V, 12A)

Recessed pegs

The pegs in a male connector are recessed deeper than in a regular connector. This is to avoid direct contact with the pegs. The grounded peg in the connector is located higher, so it makes contact before all other pegs. 

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Coding types Power M12 | ESCHA
M12 power custom made cables and connectors | ESCHA

Customised M12 Power

ESCHA designs and fabricates sensor and actuator cables, data cables, power cables and accessories. In addition to the standard products, ESCHA specialises in customised cables. With the design of large equipment or a standardised design for a machine it could be useful to have the cables customised. In designing a customised cable, the following is taken into account:

•    Length
•    Colour
•    Connector
•    etc.

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