Vision cameras

Vision cameras are suitable for the most simple detections to (complex) robotic applications. From object detection, measuring distance, measuring thickness, colour recognition, (bar)code recognition to breakage control.

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Vision camera - SensoPart

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View all products and components for vision applications. Vision is used in a variety of markets and applications, including factory automation, medical, logistics, retail and robotics. 

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High-quality components for computer vision applications are indispensable in industry 4.0.

Gijs Korf - Technical Product Specialist

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Feasibility Analysis Vision

Is Vision a solution for you? To answer this question fortop has prepared a feasibility analysis. After answering a number of questions about your application, you will receive advice on the wishes and possibilities of Vision within your application.

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Robotic vision camera

Nowadays, more and more applications are solved with the help of robots. This opens up more and more possibilities, especially in the context of Industry 4.0. In particular, cobots have been used on a large scale in recent years. Vision sensors from SensoPart serve as the 'eyes' of cobots.

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Robotic vision camera kuka - SensoPart

A (complicated) vision issue? Challenge us. Together with you, we will find the most suitable solution!

Arjan Bruins - Technical Support

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VISOR® Object AI Vision Camera

VISOR® Object AI from SensoPart makes machine vision easier than ever before. It has the full flexibility of VISOR® Object Advanced and also offers the "Classification (AI)" detector, which makes object classification even easier and more stable. The sensor is set up in just a few steps and requires no expert knowledge. Thanks to integrated artificial intelligence (AI), the detector learns the distinguishing features based on a few sample images. 

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VISOR® Object AI Vision Camera - SensoPart

VISOR® UV - Vision sensor

SensoPart's VISOR® UV with integrated UV illumination can evaluate markings, inscriptions and codes invisible to the human eye. With its wide range of functions, the VISOR® UV is unique on the market and opens up a multitude of new applications. The effect is similar to the well-known "magic ink": Ink, paint, chalk and adhesives enriched with luminescent substances, the so-called luminophores, are invisible to the human eye.

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Vision accessories

Vision applications require special accessories to fix or adjust the sensors. Besides brackets, we have filters, calibration plates, protective covers, rods, different types of lighting, etc. in our range.

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