VISOR® Object AI - The innovative sensor that uses Artificial Intelligence
VISOR® Object AI - Innovative vision sensor that Artificial Intelligence - SensoPart


  • Easy configuration without image processing knowledge
  • AI technology in a robust vision sensor made for industrial automation
  • Teach the detector with a few images on your PC
  • Reliable results even with highly variable processes and products 

Typical VISOR® Object AI 

VISOR® Object AI from SensoPart makes machine vision easier than ever before. It has the full flexibility of VISOR® Object Advanced and also offers the "Classification (AI)" detector, which makes object classification even easier and more stable. 

200 classifications

For presence checks, objects can be evaluated as "pass"/"fail" or reliably classified into 200 classifications, e.g. to ensure that the correct product is entered and processed in a machine. 

Detector learning with AI

The sensor is set up in just a few steps and requires no expert knowledge. Thanks to integrated artificial intelligence (AI), the detector learns the distinguishing features based on a few sample images. Even process and product variations, such as different products in batches, spots, strong reflections, flexible parts, etc., can be easily learned to the detector with just a few mouse clicks. 

 Object AI vision sensor - SensoPart  Object AI vision sensor - SensoPart  Object AI vision sensor - SensoPart Object AI vision sensor - SensoPart
Classification detector Tank cap type check Check switches fuel hose check
With the classification detector, even very similar springs are reliably distinguished and correctly fed to the machine. The VISOR® Object AI easily checks whether the right type of filler cap has been installed in the different cars on a production line. Depending on the additional options chosen, a dashboard has different switches, which the classification detector in the VISOR® Object AI reliably distinguishes and controls.  The VISOR® Object AI detects the different fuel hoses and associated clips in different cars and reliably checks that the correct ones have been installed. 


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