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Sensopart sensors and vision camera's

Detection, positioning, identification and recognizing

In the past 20 years, SensoPart became specialist in detection, positioning, identification and recognizing of measuring colours and contrast. Sensopart develops and produces a wide range of products for standard applications but differentiates with sensors for specialistic applications.

Most of the SensoPart products by fortop are part of the category Vision & Sensors. A added value of SensoPart products is that not only standard but also provide custom made solutions. For every customer question, we have right sensor!

In 1994 Theodor Wanner found SensoPart in Wieden, Germany. In 2016, SensoPart has more than 150 employees worldwide.


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Best in class

Sensopart Visor® serie

Never before have vision sensors been so efficient. Easy to use and intuitive. With a few mouse clicks is the visor sensor ready for use. The Visor®-technology of SensoPart is a simple and effective solution for the most difficult automation tasks.

With the new BLOB detecion (Binary Large Object) of SensoPart are you able to evaluate complex like: positioning, counting, sorting and face-up/face-down recognision. 

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F 25: For every application the right sensor

The F 25-series is a serious photocell. Not only because of the wide range of variants available for most applications! The F 25-series is available in laser and LED versions

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