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In the past 20 years, SensoPart became specialist in detection, positioning, identification and recognizing of measuring colours and contrast. Sensopart develops and produces a wide range of products for standard applications but differentiates with sensors for specialistic applications.

Most of the SensoPart products by fortop are part of the category Vision & Sensors. A added value of SensoPart products is that not only standard but also provide custom made solutions. For every customer question, we have right sensor!

In 1994 Theodor Wanner found SensoPart in Wieden, Germany. In 2016, SensoPart has more than 150 employees worldwide.

Range of SensoPart cameras and sensors:


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Logo - SensoPart

We are SensoPart

Vision camera - SensoPart

Vision cameras are suitable for the simplest of detections to robot applications. From object detection, measuring distance, measuring thickness, recognizing color, recognizing (bar) codes to fracture control. VISOR® vision system from SensoPart offers the solution.

Integrated software

The vision camera is easy to use because the software is integrated. With the supplied software for PC or tablet, you can easily set up the vision camera. The vision cameras are standard equipped with LED lighting in the colors white, red, infrared or UV diode.


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Vision camera for vision system - SensoPart
Colour sensors - SensoPart

Colour sensors - SensoPart

Colour sensors detect coulors by emitting light (RGB; red, green, blue) to a surface. The high-end coulor sensor (FT 55-CM) can detect coulors at different distances through internal distance correction. Detecting multiple colors and counting within one application is no problem.

Variants of colour sensors:

  • Colour sensors with flexible color detection
  • Contrast sensors
  • Luminescence sensors
  • Colour sensor with 3 switching outputs


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Distance sensors and analogue sensors - SensoPart

Automation technology means that fast and correct measurements, accurate positioning and detection of the most diverse materials can no longer be ignored. Whether it is about checking a fill level, determining the diameter of an object, detecting double sheets or controlling an AGV. Distance sensors with analog switching outputs offer the perfect solution for these applications.

Variant distance sensors with analogue output:

  • Optical distance sensors
  • Ultrasonic distance sensors
  • Inductive distance sensors


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Distance sensors and analog sensors - SensoPart
Level measurement with time of flight - SensoPart

Level sensors for level measurement

Levels must be measured in almost all industries. Depending on the application, you want to continuously measure the level or occasionally receive a notification that states the quantity or volume: is there enough liquid in the tank? Is the silo sufficiently solid?

Level switches and level sensors

Level sensors and level switches provide information about the level of substances present in tanks, silos and other liquid containers. A distinction is made between continuous level measurement (analog) and level detection of minimum and maximum levels.

Measurement principles for level measurement:

  • Capacitive level measurement
  • Ultrasonic level measurement
  • Runtime measurement with laser (TOF principle)


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Transparant and dark objects - SensoPart Blue light

Detecting black, absorbent objects, extremely dark or transparent objects can cause a challenge. A normal sensor with red LED light or laser light does not always offer a solution.

SensoPart Blue light sensor

SensoPart Blue Light has a blue light spot that is more resistant to dark objects that absorb light or against transparent objects that reflect light. 


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Blue Light sensor - SensoPart

Detect all sorts of material with the Blue Light sensor by SensoPart

F 25: For every application the right sensor - SensoPart

The F 25 series of photocells convinces not only by the wide range of variations, but also by many useful details that make the difference in an application. All F 25 sensors are available as a laser and LED version.

Many different models

Both models with adjustable and fixed switching distance are available. Due to the different connection and switching variants such as I / O-Link and "Auto-Detect" versions, more than a hundred different models are available. Read more about IO-Link.

Minimum format, maximum result

The FT 25-W contrast sensor uses white light and has a very small and accurate rectangular light spot (1 x 4 mm²). This also allows the detection of very small, printed markers and colored objects with weak contrast differences.


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F 25-series sensors - SensoPart
F 10-series sensors - Miniature sensors - SensoPart

Miniature sensors with LED of laser

The SensoPart F 10 series is a miniature sensor, the smallest laser sensor in its class. The miniature sensor is also available with LED light. With background suppression, it is possible to set the range of the sensor. The size of the sensor is only 21 x 14 x 8 mm.

Reliable detection in millimeter areas

The light spot of the F 10 laser sensors remains so concentrated that small parts in the millimeter area are still reliably detected, even at long distances, for example, a wire with a diameter of 0.5 mm at a distance of 60 mm. The F 10-RLH miniature sensor is the only sensor with the possibility to adjust the scanning distance.


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Color sensor FT 55-CM-series with internal distance measurement - SensoPart

Color sensor FT55-CM with internal distance measurement - SensoPart

Due to the wide scanning range in combination with the flexible color detection function, the FT 55-CM color sensor is suitable for a large number of applications. The internal distance measurement makes this sensor unique. The FT 55-CM from Sensopart easily recognizes one specific color at different distances with this distance measurement. Read more about FT 55-CM color sensor.

Ideal sensor for challenging color detection

The FT55-CM is the ideal sensor for challenging color detection and sorting tasks, for example in machinery, automotive industry, plastics, pharmaceutical or packaging industry. There are six versions available for different applications.

The FT 55-CM can detect color from auto insurance, glossy blister packs, distinguish between polished and non-polished metal surfaces, film detection on glossy surfaces and detection of lids or labels.

The color sensor Sensopart FT 55-CM is characterized by storing up to 12 colors, gloss suppression (depending on the model), intuitive sensor setup with integrated LCD screen, configuration and reading via IO-Link and stable processes with non-flat objects thanks to the trigger mode. Read more about color sensors.


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Colour sensor FT 55-CM with unique internal distance correction - Remembers 12 colours

Robotic vision camera - Universal Robots - SensoPart

Vision camera for robotic applications - SensoPart

The robotic vision camera is UR-certified and can easily communicate with a Universal Robot using the URCap. Special features of the robotic vision camera include the free-gripper space and the calibration function. Calibration is done using the URCap software and calibration plate. In addition to using the calibration plate, it is also possible to calibrate the vision camera using the 'point-to-pair'. Read more about robotic vision cameras.

Variants robotic vision camera

The robotic vision camera is available in different light sources; laser and LED infrared, LED red and LED white. The robotic vision camera is available in series V10 and V20. The robotic vision camera is standard equipped with a built-in lens. For specific applications there is a different lens, a C-mount. The robotic vision camera has integrated and standardized interfaces (ProfiNet, EtherNet / IP, TCP / IP).


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Compact ultrasonic sensor with sound code - SensoPart

The ultrasonic sensor with sound cone UT 20-S from SensoPart has a very compact cubic shape. The narrow sound cone allows objects to be detected through the smallest openings and drilled holes with a diameter of less than 5 mm.

Sound cone for special applications

This makes the ultrasonic sensor ideal for special applications, such as level measurement in microplate wells in medical analysis systems or for scanning printed circuit boards in the electronics industry. The ultrasonic sensor has a switching distance of 150 mm. The UT-20 variant has a switching distance of up to 700 mm. The ultrasonic sensors are available with different outputs: NPN / PNP, NO / NC, 0-10V, 4-20 mA or analogue output. Read more about ultrasonic sensors.


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Ultrasonic sensor UT20 - SensoPart
Inductive analogue sensor - SensoPart IS 518-42

Inductive sensors - SensoPart

Because of the functional principle of SensoPart inductive sensors, the sensors are only suitable for the detection of metal objects. The inductive sensors are mainly used for detection of uniform movements, for example as proximity switches for determining the position of transported machine parts such as saddles or hydraulic cylinders, for measuring rotational speeds on crankshafts of vehicles or as pulse generators for engine ignition.

Reliable, maintenance-free and versatile

Inductive sensors are extremely accurate due to their high repeatability levels. Their simple design and uncomplicated commissioning ensure minimum downtime. Whether it is robotics, assembly and handling, in factory automation or mechanical engineering: SensoPart inductive sensors are reliable, require no maintenance and offer versatile use thanks to the many available housings and dimensions. Read more about inductive sensors.


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Luminescence sensor for detection of fluorescent substances

Luminescence sensors or luminescence probes detect visible and invisible markings, which light up under UV light. Fluorescent materials and markings are recognized on any material regardless of pattern, color or surface quality.

Fluorescent fabrics and UV light

Luminescence sensors emit UV light with a wavelength of approx. 375 nm. Fluorescent materials convert UV light into visible light. The reflected light is received and analyzed by the sensor.


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Luminescence sensor FT 50 C UV - SensoPart
Fiber sensors and fiber cables - SensoPart

Fiber sensors and fiber cables

The SensoPart fiber systems are the ideal solution if the installation and operating conditions are tight, hot and dirty. Sensors are protected in a control box or at a safe distance while the fiber heads are mounted close to the objects. Possible areas of application are presence detection in rotating transfer machines, the detection of small electronic components or the level measurement of liquids.

Features of fiber sensors and cables:

  • Wide range of fiber cables for standard applications or individual customer requirements
  • Numerous setting options: dynamic teach-in or use of external control cable, speed and precision setting, timing functions
  • Intelligent mounting solutions for fiber optic sensors and cables for easy installation and adjustment


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Typical fork sensors and optical windows

Forks and optical window sensors exhibit characteristic features as a result of their special housing design: thanks to their precise beam guidance, they are particularly suitable for the detection of small parts. The sensors are also easy to assemble because no time-consuming adjustment is required.

Detection of small parts

The fork sensors of the FGL-IK and FGL-RK series detect components from a diameter of 0.2 mm. For example, they are used for detection of small parts on conveyor sections and sleeves or for counting bulk goods on vibration bands. Rotational speed measurement is another typical application.


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Fork sensors and optical windows - SensoPart
Smartplug | SensoPart


SmartPlug from SensoPart prevents expensive timing elements or additional controls from being used, because the SmartPlug makes the sensor smarter. Connected to SmartPlug, the sensor takes over additional control functions. As a timer, counter or inverter, for monitoring the frequency, or for delays in delay or drop-out.

SmartPlug is suitable for sensors from all manufacturers with standardized M12 plugs; a special adapter cable is available for connection to an M8 plug. SmartPlug offers its sophisticated electronics in a small, easy-to-handle 60 x 20 mm² plug housing. With its maximum output current of 400 mA, the SmartPlug can also be used as a switching amplifier. SmartPlug: plugin intelligence.

Capacitive Sensors - SensoPart

Capacitive sensors are suitable for detecting all types of metal and non-metal objects. Even very transparent glasses or liquids are easy to detect with a capacitive sensor from SensoPart. Only the dielectric conductivity of the target material is relevant: the greater the dielectric constant of a material, the higher the possible switching distances or the more reliable the detection.

Detect from the outside

Measuring fill levels is one of the classic applications of capacitive sensors because many liquids have relatively high dielectric constants. Under certain circumstances it is also possible to measure from outside the container because capacitive sensors can look through walls, as it were. They are also used for the detection of solids such as wood, paper and plastics.

Great immunity against disruptive factors

They can be found in the most diverse industrial sectors because of their great immunity against disruptive factors of all kinds. SensoPart offers a wide range of capacitive sensors in enclosures for all application areas. Read more about capacitive sensors.

Capacitive sensors - SensoPart
F18-2 serie Cylindrical photocells and optical sensors - SensoPart

Cylindrical photocells and optical sensors - SensoPart

Sensors in a cylindrical housing offer several advantages compared to the cubic design: On the one hand they are very robust, on the other hand, they can be installed in a particularly simple and space-saving way, thanks to the integrated threading. And, they are also very economically priced.

Design-typical advantages

The new F 18-2 series from SensoPart also offers all of these design-typical advantages, but exploits them even further. Thus, the sensors with a metric 18 mm thread are optionally available in a very stable full metal housing, where the plugs are also made of metal. Two additional housing bore holes and the extensive as well as sophisticated mounting accessories, provide the user with a broad variety of installation options. Read more about cylindrical photocells.


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