Positioning with sensors

In order to be able to pick up a workpiece or component from a belt with a targeted robot gripper one has to know the exact position in advance.

Background suppression

Our photoelectric proximity sensors with background suppression in the FT 10-series and FT 25-series are ideally suited for such tasks. If, in a pick & place application, the X-/Y-position and orientation are also required, or if complex assemblies must be inspected for correct and complete assembly, we recommend our vision sensors in the VISOR® series, which can detect several features in a single pass. Read more about vision sensors and cameras.


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Photoelectric proximity sensors with background suppression - SensoPart
Application example - FT 10-RLH sub-miniature sensor with background suppression - SensoPart

Precise circuit board front-edge detection

The front edges of circuit boards are registered with the FT 10-RLH sub-miniature sensor with background suppression. Read more about F 10-series sensors.

  • Flexible mounting thanks to adjustable background suppression
  • Reliable detection even with reflective metallic parts in the background
  • Very low space requirement(dimensions only 21 x 14 x 8 mm 3)
  • Precise switching behaviour due to small laser light spot (Laser Class 1)


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Object front-edge detection

One FT 25-RHD photoelectric proximity sensor with background suppression detects the front edges of individualised chocolate bars. Read more about F 25-series sensors. 

  • No impairment by highly reflective or moving backgrounds and transport belts
  • High scanning distance with all common materials and surfaces
  • Adjustable, precise background suppression (distance measurement principle)
  • Simple scanning distance adjustment via teach-in
  • Very easily visible light spot for simple alignment
  • Wide range of different types and designs
  • Also available as a laser version for highly precise detection tasks

The FT 25-series proximity switch is available with a protection degree of IP69K


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Application example FT 25-series - SensoPart
Application example - FT 25-series sensors - SensoPart

Monitoring IC pins

The fine light beam of the FT 25-RLH laser sensor from SensoPart permits precise detection of even small objects.

  • Reliable even with highly reflective metal parts
  • High scanning rate possible with high switching frequency
  • Independent of object colour and surface
  • Backgrounds located very close to the object are reliably suppressed


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Vision sensor for object recognition and detection

With sensopart's vision camera for object recognition you are not only able to detect a product. The object sensor also carries out distance measurements and shape checks. Thus the sensor determines whether the product meets all preset conditions. Even minor deviations of a product are recognised.

Is the product upside down? 

The position or order of a product is especially important during an assembly process. In addition to deviations, the vision camera also checks whether a product is upside down or in the correct position.

The vision camera for object detection checks the correct feed position, inspects the presence and completeness of parts and counts them. The visor object sensor inspects the assembly processes, recognises parts and differentiates. 


Read more about vision cameras and sensors


Vision sensor for object recognition and detection - SensoPart