The best appropriate solution

Do you want to make your work environment safer, does your installation not yet meet the applicable standards or does a process fail regularly? We are happy to think along with you. We are looking for someone from the fortop team who knows the most about your application in order to find the most suitable solution. If necessary, we will come with a test model.

Cleaning damaging paint on grab wire switch

Due to the cleaning process, the paint slowly disappeared from the drawstring protection. Plastic protection solved this!

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70% reduction of harmonics in hospital

At a hospital, medical equipment was not working as expected. The application of ADFs provided the solution.

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Position switches in Extreme environments

A manufacturer of liquid transport systems was looking for an Ex-proof position switch.

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Unwanted downtime due to poor detection

The largest peanut butter manufacturer in the Netherlands used a photocell that could not handle the glass of an unfilled jar.

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Condensation on sensor due to temperature difference

A chicken supplier encountered problems detecting the transparent dishes in which the chickens are transported.

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Mooring ships using Extreme footswitch

A standard footswitch cannot withstand the extreme conditions when mooring large ships.

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