Position switches in Extreme environments

This article was originally written by Rainer Lumme, Product Manager Extreme at steute.
  • Customer: Producer of liquid transport systems
  • Issue: Position switches are not resistant to extreme environmental conditions
  • By: Steven Hill

Switches don't meet the standards

The loading systems of this manufacturer of liquid transport systems are used for processing large quantities of gasoline, natural gas, liquefied gas or chemicals. The arms of the loading system usually have four swivel joints, allowing them to swing in the manhole. The arms must be monitored with position switches that can withstand extreme conditions and must meet applicable standards.

The requirements for Ex protection limit the choice of the position switch to monitor the loading arms. Position monitoring of the arms of the loading system is a safe function, so that machine guidelines apply. In addition to explosion protection and machine safety, temperature also plays a role. For example, if hot liquid tar is to be loaded, the loading arms must be protected from the heat. The switches must therefore be heat-resistant.


Position determination of loading arms by Ex switch

Position switch Ex 98

To meet the standards and extreme conditions, this customer now often uses Ex 98 Steute position switches.

The position switches of the 98 series are certified according to the Atex standards for applications in Ex zone 1 of gas and for comparable international Ex standards (UL / CSA, Gost, Nepsi) and can also be used for intrinsically safe applications. They are suitable for temperatures up to +70 degrees.

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Safety position switch Ex 98 - steute

Machine safety

Do you know what is needed to ensure that an installation meets the applicable standards?

"Machine safety" is a common term in the automation industry. It stands for safety of man and machine. The use of light screens and radar protection systems that prevent the unintended entry of employees, switches that ensure that the product line comes to a standstill with one push of a button are examples of applications of machine safety.

Products for machine safety