Access technology

A controlled and safe passage

Automatic fences, gates and doors are widely used in the industrial sector. Nowadays, technology is used everywhere to work effectively and efficiently. You don't want to have to manually open a door or roll-up gate every time you want to grant access to personnel or passing vehicles, people or machines. For optimal access and safe passage, you can combine different technologies. Look at different solutions and examples on this page.

Optical and acoustic signaling

Optical and acoustic signaling devices warn users and operators with the help of light and sound. Read more about signal towers and signal lights.




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Optical and acoustic signaling - Auer Signal

Safety edges

Safety edges are used for securing machine bottlenecks, automatic sliding gates, doors and other access systems. Safety edges are also called bumpers or bumpers. The switch chamber is incorporated in the top of the rubber, so less force is needed to switch the list.

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Safety edges and switch strips - BBC Bircher Smart Access

Entrance sensors

Entrance sensors ensure a controlled and safe passage of people and vehicles in industrial or hygienic environments.

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Optical and acoustic signaling devices warn users and operators with the help of light and sound.

Oliver Mason | Area account manager

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Pull-wire switches

A pull-wire switch can have different functions. In the simplest case, a pull wire switch provides for opening or closing access gates/doors. The switch can also ensure a safe situation in the form of an emergency stop switch.

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Loop detectors

A detection loop is an induction loop of copper wire. By connecting the detection loop to a loop detector, a magnetic field is created. A vehicle disturbs the magnetic field and is recognized. A loop detector for a detection loop provides the signal with which barriers, industrial gates and fences can be opened.

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Loop detector - Controle unit - Proloop Lite - BBC Bircher Smart Access

Switching units for mats and lists

The switching devices monitor the connected contact mats and switching lists for activations and interruption. They are also monitored for changes in the quiescent current.



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Controle unit EsGate 3 - BBC Bircher Smart Access

Air pressure switches

Air pressure switches are ideally suited as opening sensors for automatic gates and vehicle doors on buses and trains due to their sturdy design and long service life.

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Industrial connectors

Industrial connectors are available in different materials, each suitable for a specific application. Normal environmental conditions, high temperature environments, aggressive environments, as well as environments that require electromagnetic compatibility.

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Safety mats

The contact mats ensure an immediate deactivation when leaving the control platform (unexpectedly). In addition, they offer a slip-resistant, vibration-absorbing and therefore ergonomically responsible standing surface.

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Safety mats - BBC Bircher Smart Access

Activating and securing sliding gates

Car parks and industrial estates are often secured with fencing, automatic sliding gates and cameras. It is important to allow passing cars and trucks a smooth passage. With sliding gates and barriers, detection loops are often used, which are installed in the ground and connected to a loop detector.


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Activating and securing sliding gates - BBC Bircher Smart Access

Measurement light curtains

Measurement light curtains from ReeR Safety are extremely suitable for detecting the presence or absence of objects, counting products, determining the position of a certain object, detecting shape and profile and determining dimensions.

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Vehicle detection sensor

ProAccess is a vehicle detection sensor from BBC Bircher Smart Access for barriers and gates. The vehicle detection sensor offers the solution where loop detectors cannot be applied.

The vehicle detection sensor is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

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Application examples

In our application examples, we show which products you can use to solve which applications:


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Vertical sliding doors - Application example fortop