Air pressure switch - Bircher DW10 - DW40 - D3

Luchtdrukschakelaar DW40 - BBC Bircher Smart Access

Air pressure switch DW40 - BBC Bircher Smart Access

As the name suggests, the BBC Bircher Smart Access air pressure switch is based on pressure wave technology. Air pressure switches are used with (pneumatic) switch strips, profiles, pushbuttons, push boxes and contact thresholds for automatic doors, gates and barriers. Due to the wide range of applications, the air pressure switch makes a versatile product. Air pressure switches are also called pneumatic switches. Read more about electrical safety edges and switch strips.

Air pressure switches are equipped with a valve opening. This way, atmospheric temperatures and pressure fluctuations are compensated. Thanks to the simplicity of the pneumatic switches, they are insensitive to malfunctions and external influences.

Applications air pressure switches:

  • Bus and train doors
  • Vertical industrial rolling doors
  • Barriers
  • Explosive environments

Pneumatic switch methodWerkwijze luchtdrukschakelaars - BBC Bircher Smart Access

The signal generator generates a pressure wave. As soon as the pressure wave reaches the air pressure switch, the membrane bends and the electrical contact switches. The electrical contact remains switched on as long as the input pressure is greater than the response pressure.

The user can adjust the reaction behavior himself via the contact and valve screw. Even a low pressure of 3 to 4 mbar is sufficient to switch the electrical switch contact.


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Air pressure switches with microswitch

D3 series air pressure switches or pneumatic switches from BBC Bircher Smart Access are suitable for applications where a changeover contact or hysteresis is required or where electronic self-locking is required. With the D3 series air pressure switches, the pneumatic system is separated from the electronic system and the pressure wave movement is converted into a linear movement.

Switching principle with a microswitch

The switching principle works with a microswitch that realizes a defined state with regard to the contact pressure. The response pressure can be adjusted with a control screw.

All air pressure switches of the D3 series are equipped with self-cleaning contacts, a micro switch and enable pneumatic self-locking.


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