We love technology

The mission of fortop

Mission: We love technology

Fully understand your power quality and optimal safety and reliability of your equipment. That are components that are critical for your business. But what is the best solution for your specific situation?

fortop is specialist in the field of automation and energy control. We observe, discuss, and develop together with our suppliers the best solution for our customers. Even if the solution does not exist.  

We work closely with our suppliers. They many years of experience, developing “A” brand products. Combined with our specialist knowledge, we can achieve the best solution for our customers. Solutions for extreme applications such as explosion proof switches in the petrochemical industry or wireless foot pedals in the medical sector as an example.

When things get complicated, it gets more interesting for us at Fortop. We are happy to create a custom-made solution when a standard solution isn’t sufficient, we are here to support you.

We love technology, innovations & work through challenging situations. So, if you have any questions or problems concerning your automation or energy control? Then please contact us!



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