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Half-Dome modular signal towers

Signal tower in semi-circular design by Auer Signal |  Half-Dome Half-Dome 90 is a modular signal tower developed by Auer Signal for installation on walls or directly on the machine. The signal tower is composed according to customer specification. The housing is available in the colors gray,...

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New variant radar movement detector for industrial doors

Radar movement detector for industrial doors The Herkules 2E microwave motion detector from Bircher Reglomat has been specifically developed for use with industrial doors. It detects, differentiates between or masks out people or vehicles. Herkules 2E is a logical further refinement of our s...

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CleanSwitch | contact-free switch for hygienic environments

Contact-free switch for hygienic environments | Bircher Reglomat CleanSwitch Places where many people are is a source of germs and other pathogens. Contact surfaces – and in particular, door handles – are responsible for spreading vast amounts of bacteria and viruses, some of which ca...

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ILME industrial connectors, three-pole or four-pole (10A, 400W, 4KV)

Three-pole or four-pole industrial connector (10A, 400W, 4KV) ILME added a new version to the 21*21mm connectors. The CKSH is the first industrial connector in this series that is equipped with the ILME Squich principle. Squich principle With Squich, screws do no longer have to be tightened and...

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Win an app controlled paper plane

Win an app controlled paper plane! We at fortop are crazy about everything that has to do with technology. Also in our free time. You too? Join our action and win an 'app controlled paper plane': a paper airplane with a propeller that communicates with an app on a mobile phone.Join the action!
Do y...

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