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Measurement light curtain with Micron IO-Link

Measurement light curtain Micron with IO-Link IO-Link for communication down to the lowest field level In a world of increasing automation, sensors are being used more and more. In addition to using sensors to detect objects, they are also used for tasks that are more complex than before. To mak...

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Ex BF 80 series control switches for extreme conditions

Control switch for extreme conditions and explosive environments Steute Ex BF 80 series Environmental conditions greatly affect the durability and functionality of switchgear. Extreme heat or cold, dust, moisture, water, indoor or outdoor use, explosion sensitivity and corrosion resistance, there...

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CleanSwitch | contact-free switch for hygienic environments

Contact-free switch for hygienic environments - CleanSwitch Places where many people are is a source of germs and other pathogens. Contact surfaces – and in particular, door handles – are responsible for spreading vast amounts of bacteria and viruses, some of which can pose a real ris...

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One special connector please!

One special connector please! ESCHA is a specialist in customer-specific solutions ESCHA has many years of experience with the design of connectors and housings, the production for injection molding, cable production and injection molding technology. The basic range of ESCHA stands for high qual...

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RSSG-SS RFID safety switch

Non-contact RFID safety switch with stainless steel 316 housing In the beverage, food, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries, safety, hygiene and prevention play an important role. Switches, sensors, and cabling used in these industries must meet strict requirements and criteria. RSSG-SS R...

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