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State-of-the-art OSSD safety switches

State-of-the-art OSSD safety switches O-Type - Mechan Controls The new state-of-the-art OSSD safety switches O-Type from Mechan Controls use the latest safety technologies for maximum reliability and safety. The non-contact switches are designed to operate standalone or can be connected to safe...

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"Making difficult tasks safe by keeping them simple"

"Making difficult tasks safe by keeping them simple" supplier speaking Valter Casetta, export manager ReeR Safety ReeR was founded in 1959 and a few things have changed since then. In the beginning, the company was a simple seller of components for the automation industry and micro lamps. After...

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Wireless signal transmission system ExpertSystem for applications with high demands

Wireless signal transmission system for applications with high demands ExpertSystem XRF – BBC Bircher smart access Gates are getting faster continuously and security requirements are getting stricter. The demands for the security of entrance doors and gates continue to increase and there...

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Modular safety edge system for door and gate applications

Modular safety edge system for door and gate applications ExpertSystem XL – BBC Bircher Smart Access ExpertSystem XL is the new generation of safety edges from BBC Bircher Smart Access for door and gate applications. In the ExpertSystem XL all important functions for safety lists are combin...

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The smallest active harmonic filter, the Sinexcel Blade

The smallest active filter Sinexcel Blade - AHF 015 The introduction of the Sinexcel Blade is an absolute breakthrough. Usually a central point is the best place to compensate for harmonics. In practice, this is usually next to the mains transformer or at the low-voltage main distributor. In som...

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