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The smallest active harmonic filter, the Sinexcel Blade

The smallest active filter Sinexcel Blade - AHF 015 The introduction of the Sinexcel Blade is an absolute breakthrough. Usually a central point is the best place to compensate for harmonics. In practice, this is usually next to the mains transformer or at the low-voltage main distributor. In som...

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Continuous monitoring of residual current faults

Increase the availability of critical installations Janitza RCM 202-AB Continuous monitoring of residual fault currents offers great advantages in critical applications such as hospitals and the process industry. Janitza's RCM 202-AB measures all types of residual current faults (RCM) with...

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Diffuse photocell with background suppression FT 55-RLHM

The background suppression detection sensor that sees everything SensoPart FT 55-RLHM SensoPart’s new laser proximity sensor FT 55-RLHM with background suppression (BGS) detects surfaces of any kind and identifies the smallest objects with remarkable reliability.  “Detect all&r...

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Higher resolution for even more stability when reading codes

Higher resolution for even more stability when reading codes VISOR® Code Reader V20 Standard With the VISOR® Code Reader V20 Standard, SensoPart expands the range of vision cameras with a version for standard applications that require higher image resolution, such as reading...

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Vision sensor with 5 megapixel camera - V50 SensoPart

Vision sensor with 5 megapixel camera VISOR® V50 SensoPart SensoPart presents a new addition to the VISOR® Vision Cameras. The VISOR® V50. With 2560 x 1936 pixels, the new VISOR® V50 offers an image resolution three times larger than standard vision cameras (VGA or 1.5 MP)....

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