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fortop at Drives & Controls 2024

The Home of Robotics & Automation Drives & Controls brings together key suppliers of state-of-the-art equipment representing the multi-tasking culture of today’s design engineer, covering critical areas such as energy efficiency, machine safety, drives, motion control, robotics and au...

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Safety bumpers from Mayser

Mayser Safety Bumpers, Now Delivered 3x Faster Safety bumpers, also known as safety bumpers or bumpers, are active cushions made of soft foam, covered by a special cover. Active, because they contain a built-in sensor that activates or deactivates as soon as something comes into contact with the bu...

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The Multiflex 4R from steute allows mounting of drawstring systems up to 90° angles

Easily Navigate Corners with the steute Multiflex 4R Pulley When it comes to machine safety in conveyor systems, pull cord protection is the way to ensure people's safety around the conveyor belt. However, implementing pull cord protection becomes more challenging in curves, especially with sharp t...

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Discover the new release of the Mosaic Safety Designer software (1.9.2)

ReeR Safety - Mosaic Safety Designer software When it comes to machine safety, a safety PLC plays a major role. Everything related to the safety of your machine converges in the safety PLC. A safety PLC can be connected to devices such as light curtains, position switches, pull-wire switches,&nbs...

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Auer Signal, for optical and acoustic signalling in ATEX zones

Optimal safety, even in explosive (ATEX) environments Auer Signal, founded in 1910 in Vienna, Austria, has been a market leader in signalling for many years. Whether optical or acoustic, when it comes to signalling technology, Auer Signal has the right product or products. Over 100 years of expe...

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