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Fortop sells products. We do that in the fortop-way. What does that mean? We do more than send you the purchase order and invoice. We think along with you. Is this the best solution? Is another product not a better alternative in your situation? Or should a product be added, which makes the whole process better?

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You can also use our services. This could be support for installing a meter, or a project from A to Z. We do research, provide advice, guide projects and report. We will help you with commissioning and provide support.

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From standard to custom made solution

In order to offer you the most suitable solution, we think along with you. Does a standard product not meet your situation? Then we look together what is needed to come to a good solution. If that means that a product has to be made to measure, then we are committed to that. In some cases we even take the technical specialists from our suppliers to your work environment, so that they can respond perfectly to the situation.

ENERGY CONTROL SOLUTIONS Combining products, knowledge and software

A product is in many cases only a part of your solution. The correct installation and adjustment of products in critical environments is in many cases complex and in any case different.

By delivering the products, knowledge and software, the customer runs less risk of disruptions in the communication between the products. For fortune, this means a big commitment to the customer. We feel responsible not only for supplying the right products, but also that you have the knowledge to use the products correctly. We transfer our knowledge through informative workshops.

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Fortop is active in many sectors. From hospitals and machine builders to the largest data centers, airports and football stadiums in the world.

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We work closely with our key suppliers. Most of them family owned businesses, with many years of experience, developing only high quality products.

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With over 30,000 products in our range, we provide solutions for any type of situation and for different applications.

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