Safety mats and pressure mats

Safety mats are used for the detection of people or objects on a defined surface. Safety mats, also called pressure mats, are used as a safety zone around robots or as a safety zone when loading or operating a machine. With machine safety it often happens that other safety components are not applicable and the use of a safety mat is the only solution.

Different shapes and dimensions

Different shapes and dimensions are possible as well as multiple zones and colors. Due to the robust materials used, a long service life of the detection mats is guaranteed. Safety mats can be made in a smooth structure or with anti-slip studs. Overhead rails and border profiles are available in different lengths.

Application areas of safety mats:

  • Walk-in protection around machines and hazardous installations
  • Access protection under the moving parts of a (dangerous) machine or robot application
  • Presence detection of persons at security locks
  • As an alarm function with security installations


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Safety mats and pressure mats - BBC Bircher Smart Access
EsMatrix 3 - Controle unit -Safety switch device - BBC Bircher Smart Access

Safety switch device EsMatix 3 for safety mats

In combination with the safety switch unit EsMatix 3, the switch mats form a certified system to protect danger zones and thus protect people. Safety mats are available in various shapes and designs. When connected directly to a controller, they act as a switching element for comfort applications.

Characteristics of the EsMatix 3 safety switch:

  • Performance Level PLe, cat. 3 according to EN ISO 13849-1, in combination with a BBC Bircher Smart Access safety mat
  • Two inputs for connecting several switch mats
  • Redundant safety output
  • Guarding output
  • Automatic or manual reset
  • DIN rail mounting

In combination with safety relays EsMatix 3, the safety switch mats are approved according to EN ISO 13856-1.


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Safety mat ESM-52/54/57

The ESM-52 safety mats are available in eight different standard sizes. These switch mats are rectangular in shape. The ESM-54 rectangular can be used for special intermediate dimensions. The ESM-54 switching mat is available with a studded structure or with a smooth surface. Both safety mats can be laid directly on a floor or under a carpet.

Tailored to your needs

Are you looking for a custom-made safety mat with specific requirements for, for example, dimensions and functionality? Than is the ESM-57 safety mat the right solution. The EMS-57 safety mat is made in the desired size, shape and surface. The position of the cable output can also be determined individually and different active switching zones can be integrated. The active switching zones are marked with a specific color.

For the ESM-54/57 safety mat you can choose from the colors: yellow, orange, gray or black. You can also choose the stud structure yourself:

  • Structure A Ø 25 mm, distance 29.5 mm stud height 1 mm
  • Structure D Ø 23 mm, distance 25 mm stud height 1.4 mm
  • Structure G with a smooth surface


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Safety mats and pressure mats - BBC Bircher Smart Access
ES button safety mat - BBC Bircher Smart Access

Es-Button - Contact button safety mat

The flat ES button is a switch for controlling various machine functions. The ES button is also called kick switch. Because the ES-Button has an IP67 class, it is ideal for use in wet rooms or where cleaning with high-pressure cleaners applies.

Interface between man and machine

Whether a door or a machine needs to be started: the ES button is the interface between people and machine. Mounted horizontally or vertically, it can be easily operated by hand, foot or arm.


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Applications safety mats

Machine parts Automatic doors and locks Pallet truck Machines en installations
Solution Solution Solution Solution
  1. Switching off a machine in a danger zone
  1. Continuous control and activation of revolving doors
  2. Distribution at locks
  1. Deactivation when leaving the operating platform unplanned
  1. Flat ES button switch
Benefits Benefits Benefits Benefits
  1. Robust tread with integrated safety switch
  2. Clearly visible
  3. Can be combined to secure large surfaces
  4. Responds to all metal vehicles
  1. Robust tread with integrated safety switch
  2. Multiple switching zones possible
  3. Individual design
  1. Robust tread with integrated safety switch
  2. Ergonomic, soft surface
  3. Vibration damping
  1. Easy to operate with hand, foot or arms
  2. Robust design for use in dirty and / or humid environments or under heavy mechanical loads
Moving parts with a dangerous machine - Safety mat - BBC Bircher Smart Access Switch mat for continuity control - BBC Bircher Smart Access Safety mat in pallet truck for deactivation when leaving unplanned - BBC Bircher Smart Access ES-button contact mat for operating machines - BBC Bircher Smart Access